Omega Wave


FORBIDDEN - Omega Wave

Released on: 2010-10-22

FORBIDDEN are a technical thrash metal band from the fertile “Second Wave” of Bay Area thrashers, alongside TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL and VIO-LENCE. Past members include musicians from SLAYER, TESTAMENT, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and ex-NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth, who is now an active member of this reactivated band. Though they never saw the massive, worldwide success of bands like TESTAMENT and EXODUS, they were fan favorites and, on “Omega Wave”, they prove they still have what it takes to impress the serious thrasher. In a time when younger bands are judged more for the patches on their denim jackets than on their actual chops, FORBIDDEN are a big middle finger to the neo-thrash movement and a testament to dogged determination and consistently authentic musical output.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Alpha Century 2:00
2 - Forsaken At The Gates 4:54
3 - Overthrow 4:43
4 - Adapt Or Die 5:14
5 - Swine 6:30
6 - Chatter 2:16
7 - Dragging My Casket 6:44
8 - Hopenosis 5:30
9 - Immortal Wounds 5:29
10 - Behind The Mask 5:39
11 - Inhuman Race 6:25
12 - Omega Wave 6:00