Released on: 2010-06-18

From day one EQUILIBRIUM is known for melodic metal, powerful yet playful, heavy yet sensitive, inspired yet self-contained. But most of all EQUILIBRIUM ist known for the joy of creating and playing music! The process from a 1-concert-only project to a real band took quite a few years. The first gig was played in 2001 – from back then only René, Sandra and Andi are left. Because of the overwhelming reaction to this first concert (which was actually planned to be the last as well) they decided to carry on. The first cornerstone was set in summer 2003 when the band released the first CD “Demo 2003”. Intenionally planned as plain demo, itwas considered to be full-length album by many in the scene. The time had come to sign a label deal. After the Release of “Turis Fratyr” in spring 2005 Black Attakk did anything possible to get rid of them. Many other labels were happy about this – especially this particular one. After playing the Summer Breeze Open Air “at the age” of 3, playing Wacken 2004 the band eventually would sign to Nuclear Blast in Fall 2006 and release their second album “Sagas” in June 2008 which entered the German Media Control Charts at # 30! EQUILIBRIUM once again cemented their status as a band that isn’t afraid to combine exotic elements as well as wide screen epic with their music and spice it up with lyrics about myths and sagas which can also be related to the present. In winter 2010 the new album „Rekreatur“ was recorded together with new vocalist Robse. „Rekreatur“ showcases once again what this band is able to do. Although original singer Helge Stang had left the band earlier that year, the album doesn’t have any weak moment to it. The new man on the mic fits perfectly and helps the band to step up to even higher levels with his voices diversity and powerful presence. If it comes to the music itself, EQUILIBRIUM stick to what they know: thunderous metal, an epic vibe, hymns and that special battlefield-feeling at its best. Being extremely smart at crossing genres and experimenting with exotic elementsmakes “Rekreatur” stand out even more. After releasing the album inmid June, EQUILIBRIUM will kick of their European Tour together with SWASHBUCKLEand ENSIFERUM alongeside the well known Heidenfest in September / October 2010 in order to devastate all stages near and far!

Track list Total runtime
1 - In Heiligen Hallen 6:13
2 - Der Ewige Sieg 4:18
3 - Verbrannte Erde 5:45
4 - Die Affeninsel 5:10
5 - Der Wassermann 6:34
6 - Aus Ferner Zeit 9:23
7 - Fahrtwind 4:51
8 - Wenn Erdreich Bricht 7:01
9 - Kurzes Epos 13:02