Live Humanitarian


MORTIFICATION - Live Humanitarian

Released on: 2008-10-17

„A massive clash of iconic metal imagery, brutal riffage, timeless messages, pure enthusiasm, delivered with power, precision and passion!“ MORTIFICATION exist for eightteen years now, and they have always been a unique band, adding their own views and influences to their unique brand of death metal. The band has written extensively about their strong Christian beliefs, but nevertheless, MORTIFICATION have established their own fan-base all around the world. The Story of MORTIFICATION begins in the year of 1993. When „Scrolls of the Megilloth“ was released, the death metal scene was growing fast, and MORTIFICATION became one of the most influential and important acts of the time. Built around vocalist and bass player Steve Rowe, the band established a distinct style that earned them a dedicated following army of fans. 2001 „The Silver Cord Is Severed“ was released. A bonus live album was available with the first pressing. The 2002 release „Conquer The World“ documents their world tour for „The Silver Cord Is Severed“, along with videos for the tracks “Metal Blessing”, “Access Denied“ and “Standing At The Doors Of Death” - after his victory over life-threatening cancer, Rowe knows what he’s talking about. This brandnew 2DVD package has a running time of approx 3 hours and contains the full mind blowing set of their live concert at the The Grand Old IMAX Theatre in Perth, Australia in 2006. Massive surround sound, filmed by 7 supreme digital cameras with 24 track digital live recording. The DVD marks the visual counterpart of last years audio release of that particular show. But not only one hell of an ass kicking gig will be featured on „Live Humanitarian“ – a second DVD stuffed with the legendary 1996 „Envision Evangelene“ film, bits and pieces from Steve Rowe’s home plus some more stuff around Steve and the band on and off the road! If you consider yourself a fan of thrashing death metal and MORTIFICATION in general, this DVD has to be on your list – no f***in’ doubt!!! DVD1: (Live Humanitarian) (85 min.) 01. Erasing The Goblin 02. I’m Not Your Commodity 03. Hammer Of God 04. Purest Intent 05. Medley 06. Priests Of The Underground 07. The Dead Shall Be Judged 08. Spoken Word (Part 1) 09. Humanitarian 10. Spoken Word (Part 2) 11. Dead Man Walking 12. Standing At The Door Of Death 13. Spoken Word (Part 3) 14. Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle 15. Spoken Word (Part 4) 16. Chapel Of Hope DVD2: (Bonus footage) (88 min.) 01. Steve’s House (Part 1) 02. Envision Evangelene Film 1996 03. Steve’s House (Part 2) 04. European Tour Highlights 05. Steve’s Throwing Hobby