Released on: 2008-09-26

Who has not heard of this band until now? This Orange County six piece is one of the most self-contained and important bands of a modern metal movement. Having over 300.000 albums sold worldwide so far and touring as relentless as it gets, the band has proven to be one of the hottest acts around. So far the outfit has played with numerous big players in the game of metal like SLAYER, MARILYN MANSON, AS I LAY DYING, CRADLE OF FILTH, DRAGONFORCE and many more. They also took part in the 2004 „Headbanger’s Ball: The Tour“, the 2005 „Warped Tour“, and has twice participated in Ozzfest, returning 2006 as a co-headliner on the second stage! Mixing a variety of heavy music from punk to hardcore, melodic death and black metal BLEEDING THROUGH surely deserve the devotion of their fans that get even deeper into the world of the band by sucking in the tragedy and aggression of the brilliant lyrics about love, hate, pain and loss – something everyone can identify with. Now having signed to Nuclear Blast Records for all European territories their crusade will victoriously be continued! Both the band and the label are more than stunned by the fact working together from now on. Nuclear Blast A&R Jaap Wagemaker about the brand new signing: „For four albums BLEEDING THROUGH have established and continousley evolved their own style that noone ever managed to adapt or achieve! We are very proud that BLEEDING THROUGH finally joined the NUCLEAR BLAST family!“ „ Declaration“ marking the already fifth output by the nearly 10 year existing group truly is what you can call the bands best effort so far. Blessed with a top-notch production by metal icon Devin Townsend, bringing back the brutality and aggression of their 2003 album „This Is Love, This Is Murderous“ and mixing it with the variety and depth of what „The Truth“ had to offer „Declaration“ can be certified a goddamn masterpiece, no doubt! Vocalist Brandan Schieppati has just the right words for it: „"Declaration" will be heavier than its predecessor! I think it bridges the gap between „The Truth“ and „This Is Love, This Is Murderous“. The melodies are darker, the riffs are heavier. We just wrote a really aggressive record that encompasses everything we've ever tried to do as a band and then raised the bar a notch or two.“ „ Declaration“ also features Jona Weinhofen (ex-I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN) on guitar for the first time who contributes some really brutal shredding to the most intense and haunting keyboard melodies beauty Marta has ever played. Additionally Schieppatis vocal work has improved a lot – the charismatic singer acts way more diverse and manages to combine his hardcore roots with pure metal shouting. Less clean vocal stuff and way more sonic violence reign on „Declaration“ which irrevocable declares the break-through for BLEEDING THROUGH in Europe!

Track list
1 - Finnis Fatalis Spei
2 - Declaration
3 - Orange County Blonde And Blue
4 - Germany
5 - There Was A Flood
6 - French Inquisition
7 - Reborn From Isolation
8 - Death Anxiety
9 - The Loving Memory Of England