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BENEDICTION - Killing Music

Released on: 2008-08-22

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With sales of their albums in the hundreds of thousands and having played just about everywhere in the world BENEDICTION are still as popular today as they have ever been. They are proud to have been around since the start of what became the "Death Metal" scene and can still give one of the best energetic live shows around today. Originally formed back in February 1989, the band released six albums – all of them now considered classics.

The last one, "Organized Chaos" from 2001, was the first one with "new" singer Dave Hunt on Vocals, after the departure of Dave Ingram. After the release of the album, the UK based band worked several years on the follow up and seventh output, entitled "Killing Music". Well, the album everything you could expect and even a bit more. Still raw Death Metal, but this time the Punk´n´Crust influences are definitely more dominant than ever – also resulting in two cover songs of the legends BROKEN BONES and AMEBIX. For these songs, BENEDICTION invited several guests: Jock (GBH), Karl Willets (BOLT THROWER), Kelly Shaefer (ATHEIST), Billy Gould (ex-FAITH NO MORE), The Fog (FROST), Markus Staiger (NUCLEAR BLAST owner) and Thorsten Zahn (METAL HAMMER Germany).

"Killing Music" was produced by ANAAL NATHRAKH mastermind Mike Kenney and sounds raw, dark and pure. The band was fed up by all the "polished" productions from the last years. Expect nothing less than a dirty bastard of punching Death Metal, crusting punk and in-your-face songwriting! If an album is worth seven years of wait, then it´s definitely "Killing Music"!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 1:32
2 - The Grey Man 2:44
3 - Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask) 2:54
4 - Killing Music 3:41
5 - They Must Die Screaming 3:57
6 - Dripping With Disgust 3:58
7 - Wrath And Regret 3:48
8 - As Her Skin Weeps 1:53
9 - Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant 3:08
10 - Immaculate Façade 4:51
11 - Burying The Hatchet 1:58
12 - Beg, You Dogs 3:54
13 - Betrayer (bonus track) 2:41
14 - They Bleed (bonus track) 4:12
15 - Seeing Through My Eyes (BROKEN BONES cover song)
16 - Largactyl (AMEBIX cover song)
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