DEW-SCENTED - Incinerate

Released on: 2007-03-30

Germany’s DEW-SCENTED have been part of the leading forces of a new breed of Thrash Metal ever since their foundations in 1992. After having released their first an only demo tape “Symbolization”, the band signed to SteamHammer/SPV for their 1996 debut “Immortelle” and then moved over to Grind Syndicate Media/NBR as new label-home for 1998’s Dan Swanö mixed “Innoscent” and 1999’s “Ill-Natured” albums. 2002’s “Inwards” release opened a lot of new doors for DEW-SCENTED, especially internationally, as this was the first album released directly on Nuclear Blast Records all over Europe, North- and South-America, as well as in Japan via Soundholic Records. “Inwards” also marked the first cooperation with sound-wizard Andy Classen / Stage One Studio (Krisiun, Disbelief, Holy Moses, etc.), who would also produce the upcoming two albums. Their 2003 release "Impact" as well as the re-mastered re-release of "Ill – Natured & Innoscent" (both albums on one disc!) via Nuclear Blast Records continued the positive media reactions and further established the band as one of the leading forces in the realms of European extreme Metal,. DEW-SCENTED had until then shared stages all over Europe, Japan and North America with bands such as Death, Deicide, Destruction, Overkill, Edge Of Sanity, Kreator, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Nile, Annihilator, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Eucharist, Heaven Shall Burn or Six Feet Under . With Alexander Pahl (ex Obscenity) joining the band permanently on bass, after already being with the band for live-shows since 2002, and longtime guitar player Flo Mueller temporarily leaving his slot bringing befriended live guitarist Marvin Vriesde (Blo.Torch / Severe Torture) into the band-ranks, the five-piece geared up for their 2005 album "Issue VI”, which continued the relentless stylistic approach of the band flawlessly. After a tour in Japan with High On Fire and Misery Signals as well as a European tour supporting Nevermore, DEW-SCENTED made their debut coast-to-coast tour in North America, supporting Vader and Decapitated for 4 weeks. The live-run in promotion of “Issue VI”, seeing Flo Mueller return to the fold, was crowned with an intense 31-shows European tour in February 2006 alongside Cryptopsy, Grave and Aborted. By the Summer of 2006, DEW-SCENTED got together to finalize songwriting for their new album. This time the band recorded at Soundlodge Studio with Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Obscenity, etc.) and then moved over to sound-legend Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Killswitch Engage, etc.) for the mix/mastering of the material, leading to an overwhelming final sound quality. The result: "Incinerate". Another vicious record, full of high speed, yet dynamic and diverse Thrash Metal extravaganza, inspired by old school precision and performed with new school’s penetrating power. Just listen to the high speed blast massacre of the opening "Vanish Away”, the straight forward rhythm-bomb “Final Warning”, the merciless attack “That’s Why Despise You” (which the band is shooting a video clip for) or the brutal catchiness of “Into The Arms Of Misery” – what a killer bandwidth! Also for the first time ever, DEW-SCENTED invited some musician-friends for guest appearances on the album: Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and Gus G. (FIREWIND) guest with lead guitar takes in "Perdition For All", while Mille Petrozza (KREATOR) adds vocals to "Retain The Scars". “Incinerate” will be released with a special 7-track bonus CD in its initial limited edition version, featuring additional exclusive new tracks as well as rare older B-sides including savage cover versions of tracks by influential acts such as Slayer, Metallica or also Bad Religion. Upon the release of “Incinerate” on March 30th, DEW-SCENTED will kick off a European tour with Napalm Death, Moonspell and Behemoth. More global live activity will be announced soon! "Incinerate" is not only yet another new DEW-SCENTED album: For the band it’s a defining record and a modern masterpiece within their style sure to establish them once and for all as one of the current worldwide leaders of the extreme Metal movement. "This album will squish your face and hit out your teeth. "Incinerate" is a bomb!" Matthias Weiner, LEGAGY (D)

Track list
1 - Exordium [Intro]
2 - Vanish Away
3 - Final Warning
4 - That's Why I Despise You
5 - The Fraud
6 - Into The Arms Of Misery
7 - Perdition For All
8 - Now Or Never
9 - Aftermath
10 - Everything Undone
11 - Contraddictions
12 - Retain The Scars
13 - Exitus [Outro]