Fullmoon In St.Petersburg


RAGE - Fullmoon In St.Petersburg

Released on: 2007-02-23

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    Full moon in St. Petersburg
    DVD + CD - 6.99 EUR

The ultimate DVD set by German Symphonic Metal legends RAGE!!!

Indulge in the massive visual live onslaught in front of thousands of cheering Russian fans in St.Petersburg – of course also featured as a live CD to feed your stereo. Aspiring six-string wizards can also join the DVD-guitar workshop with grandmaster Victor Smolski, or get exclusive private footage of frontman Peavy Wagner introducing his impressive skull collection.
Of course, RAGE fans will be delighted to hear that video clips and a second live show at the Masters Of Rock festival in the Czech Republic will be included as bonus material. No fear indeed – this is the perfect RAGE package! After more than 20 years of history, RAGE is one of the most experienced german metal bands still around. The band released an album nearly every year, among them milestones like "Perfect Man", "The Missing Link", "Black In Mind", the "Lingua Mortis"-Album recorded with an orchestra (a long time before every metal band used an orchestra) or "Unity".

"Full Moon In St. Petersburg" is indeed everything a RAGE fan needs. All classics performed with passion and competence.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 1:15
2 - Speak Of The Dead 2:51
3 - No Fear 6:35
4 - Sent By The Devil 2:56
5 - Soul Survivor 3:46
6 - Enough Is Enough 4:08
7 - Baby, I'm Your Nightmare 5:07
8 - Morituri Te Salutant 0:57
9 - Prelude Of Souls 2:50
10 - Innocent 5:32
11 - Depression 1:12
12 - No Regrets 4:46
13 - Confusion 1:33
14 - Black 0:54
15 - Beauty 4:16
16 - Don't Fear The Winter 5:20
17 - Full Moon 5:09
18 - Higher Than The Sky 7:54
19 - Guitar Workshop with Victor Smolski (Bonus Track) 0:07