The Price Of Existence


ALL SHALL PERISH - The Price Of Existence

Released on: 2006-08-04

Haling from Oakland California, ALL SHALL PERISH blasted on to the bay area scene in 2002 playing every kind of show imaginable. They quickly found themselves embraced by every facet of the insanely diverse bay area music scene from emo to tech death. After recording their own self titled 3 song demo, a Japanese label called Amputated Vein Records decided to release the first ALL SHALL PERISH full length “Hate.Malice.Revenge” (released Aug 19th, 2003). These 8 tracks proved to become an underground favorite over the next year as ALL SHALL PERISH slammed the stage along side acts such as BLEEDING THROUGH, DYING FETUS, BRUJERIA, AS I LAY DYING, SIX FEET UNDER, HATE ETERNAL, DIECAST, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, MORTICIAN, UNDYING and many more; late 04 also included a tour with Metal Blade’s VEHEMENCE and Prosthetic Record’s CREMATORIUM. ALL SHALL PERISH never got tied down to death metal or metalcore, they simply have become metal that breaks down genres and gets EVERYONE moving. In December of 2004 ALL SHALL PERISH signed a world wide deal with Nuclear Blast records. Nuclear Blast rereleased “Hate.Malice.Revenge” in early ‘05 and ALL SHALL PERISH spent the rest of '05 touring and writing their second full length, which is now ready to rip some heads of! "The Price Of Existence" once again delivers a variety of extreme Metal and a blend of Hardcore, sounding broadly defined like a bastard of DYING FETUS, DISSECTION and HATEBREED with the factor X that makes ALL SHALL PERISH so bludgeoning. Eleven tracks of pure energy, hate and face kicking hardcore/metal songs that will please Death Metal, Hardcore and Metalcore fans in the same vein. The production is killer, the songwriting intense. The perfect album to tear down your living room by diving from your lockers! This album tops the great debut and will establish ALL SHALL PERISH as one of the most important M.E.T.A.L. bands of the new century!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Eradication 3:54
2 - Wage Slaves 3:42
3 - The Day Of Justice 3:31
4 - There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet 3:01
5 - Better Living Through Catastrophe 4:58
6 - Prisoner Of War 4:42
7 - Greyson 2:12
8 - We Hold These Truths 3:42
9 - The True Beast 3:35
10 - Promises 3:02
11 - Last Relapse 6:41