For The Sake Of Revenge


SONATA ARCTICA - For The Sake Of Revenge

Released on: 2006-05-12

Formed 1996 in the Finnish town of Kemi, SONATA ARCTICA has over the past ten years become one of the most important melodic power metal bands on the planet. Extremely successful tours throughout Europe, America and Japan made Tony Kakko and the boys an international act with thousands of fans all over the world. “For the sake of revenge” is the proof of SONATA ARCTICAs fantastic live performance and gives everyone a perfect view of the bands ten year career. 18 songs, tons of bonus material ,interesting and amusing commentary by the band makes “For the sake of revenge” one of the most entertaining DVDs on the market. Years ago, in the summer of 99 the first single "UnOpened" was released and the debut album "Ecliptica" followed later in the fall. Well recieved by metal fans all over the world, the first full length album opened many doors for the band, nailing a support slot for STRATOVARIUS tour in 2000. On this tour SONATA ARCTICA played more than 30 gigs in ten different countries and gained a lot of new fans. The same year SONATA ARCTICA got nominated in the category "best newcomer-act" by Emma Finland and the Mini-CD "Successor" was released. A year later, in the spring of 2001, the guys opened two shows for ALICE COOPER on the "Monsters Of The Millennium Tour" in Finland! The next single "Wolf & Raven" and especially the second album "Silence" made the 'SONATA ARCTICA mania complete. The Finns also got very popular in Japan where they played their first gigs in September 2001. 2003s "Winterheart’s Guild" set new standards in the genre of melodic power metal, finally making SONATA ARCTICA the stars of the scene. In late 2003, SONATA ARCTICA signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records and started recording "Reckoning Night" soon after. The first single ”Don't Say A Word” was released on August 23rd in Finland only. The single went straight to#1 in the official charts! The EP was eventually also released in Japan and the Japanese made sure it hit the top spot over there too. In their home country the new album was released a week earlier than the rest of the world and got straight to #2 and stayed there for 2 weeks. Chart positions in the rest of Europe followed. A headline tour was supposed to follow the release of "Reckoning Night“, but the band recieved a once-in-a-lifetime invitation from Nightwish to join their European tour as special guests. Sonata Arctica simply could not say no and toured Europe with NIGHTWISH, playing arenas with capacities up to 12 000! In October 2004, “silence” reached gold status in Finland, selling more than 15000 copies. "Reckoning Night" was once again a step forward, showing the band's capability of writing heart-rending melodies with power, speed and great refrains: SONATA ARCTICA represent Melodic Power Metal of the highest order - technical finesse meets premium grasp of harmonies and atmosphere. In February 2006 “Reckoning Night“ went gold in Finnland and shortly before “Winterheart’s Guild“ did the same! This totals THREE gold albums in their native country. Perfect timing to release the long awaited live-DVD/CD “For the Sake of Revenge” don’t you think? Here it is! Everything you´ve seen and heard means nothing until you´ve SEEN “For the Sake of Revenge”! DVD Songs: 01. Prelude For Reckoning 02. Misplaced 03. 0Blinded No More 04. Fullmoon, extract from “White Pearls Black Oceans” 05. Victoria's Secret 06. Broken 07. 8th Commandment 08. Shamandalie 09. Kingdom For A Heart 10. Replica 11. My Land 12. Black Sheep 13. Sing in Silence 14. The End of this Chapter 15. San Sebastian 16. Gravenimage 17. Don't Say a Word 18. The Cage 19. Vodkaa /Hava Nagila 20. Outro “Draw Me” Bonus: - Backstage Scenes “The men of the north in the land of the rising sun” - Biography - Discography Sound: - Stereo - 5.1 Surround - Commentary Track by the band CD: 01. Intro 02. Misplaced 03. Blinded No More 04. Fullmoon, extract from “White Pearls Black Oceans” 05. Victoria's Secret 06. Broken 07. 8th Commandment 08. Shamandalie 09. Kingdom for a Heart 10. Replica 11. My Land 12. Black Sheep 13. Gravenimage 14. Don't Say a word 15. The Cage / Vodka 16. San Sebastian (Japan Bonus)

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