Heart & Anger


SECRET SPHERE - Heart & Anger

Released on: 2005-05-30

SECRET SPHERE – a name guaranteed to make every Power Metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and anticipation! Crediting bands like HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN and SAVATAGE as their biggest influences, SECRET SPHERE manage to honour the heritage of such big names while creating their very own brand of Symphonic Power Metal. After three albums that gave bands like SYMPHONY X or VIRGIN STEELE some serious competition, our Italian heroes have returned for their fourth massive strike...“Heart & Anger”, SECRET SPHERE`S second release for Nuclear Blast, both shows their trademark strengths and the tendency to include even more epic and orchestral elements. Achim Köhler / House Of Music – well-known for his heavy productions for SINNER, BRAINSTORM or PRIMAL FEAR – was responsible for the powerful yet detailed production once again. His duty was to melt SECRET SPHERE`S Speed / Power Metal riffing with the epic, symphonic parts recorded with a full orchestra. On “Heart & Anger” you will find beautiful violin parts co-existing with strong metal riffs in perfect harmony. A track like “Leonardo Da Vinci” is just the right example: after an intro with violins and acoustic guitar (which would usually lead to a standard ballad), heavy drumming and vicious guitar licks (courtesy of Aldo Lonobile and Paco Gianotti) crash down on the listener almost immediately. Leading the way is Ramon`s voice, sounding somehow like HELLOWEEN`S early vocalist Michael Kiske plus an unique, more aggressive tone. From the bombastic female opera vocals of “Endless” to the Speed Metal catchiness of “Where The Sea Ends” SECRET SPHERE have something in stock for everybody with a penchant for melodic metal! And with “You Still Remain” romantic souls will find just the right hard rock ballad to indulge in... SECRET SPHERE was founded in summer 1997, the initial spark coming from guitarist Aldo Lonobile. After some line-up changes during the early days, the current line-up recorded their debut album “Mistress Of The Shadowlight” in 1999 through Elevate Records. In 2000 SECRET SPHERE appeared on the prestigious “Keepers Of Jericho” – HELLOWEEN – Tirbute sampler alongside big names such as SONATA ARCTICA and RHAPSODY. After the second album, “A Time Nevercome” (2001), SECRET SPHERE concentrated on touring all over Europe and signed with Nuclear Blast for 2003`s opus, “Scent Of Human Desire”. Produced by Achim Köhler (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR), their third album reaped excellent reviews and high rankings in international metal press. 2003 saw them play various shows at well-known festivals including the Metal Dayz in Switzerland .

Track list
1 - Endless
2 - Where The Sea Ends
3 - First Snake
4 - Loud & Raw
5 - Dance With The Devil
6 - Set Me Free
7 - I Won´t Say A Word
8 - Lights On
9 - Leonardo Da Vinci
10 - You Still Remain
11 - Bad Blood
12 - No Reason Why
13 - Faster Than The Storm