Miss You



Released on: 2004-09-06

Modern Rock doesn't have to come from the United States to be successful. Acts like DIE HAPPY, H-BLOCKX or the DONOTS already showed this long ago. With MY EARLY MUSTANG, Nuclear Blast now has a newcomer at hand that features several known members.MY EARLY MUSTANG are Tim Eiermann, Wolfgang Maier, Andreas Rigo and Florian Kämmerling. Founded in the beginning of 2003, the band consists of the creative masterminds of LIQUIDO (Tim – vocals/guitar & Wolfgang – drums), FLYSWATER (Florian – vocals/guitar) and TRISTESSE (Andreas – bass). The plan was easy: the guys wanted to meet to put the cards on the table regarding inventive rock music. The idea of a joint band had been in their heads for a longe time, and finally the time was perfect Yet after the first rehearsals, everyone involved was sure that this constellation would mesh very well. The Mustangs aren't an unknown entity within the international music world: Nothing more to say about Tim and Wolfgang from LIQUIDO – besides the three successful albums "Liquido" (1999), "At The Rocks" (2000) and "AlarmAlarm" (2002) they released international single chart breakers such as: "Narcotic" (1998), "Doubledecker" (1999) and "Play Some Rock" (2000). In addition they are one of the most renowned songwriter and producer duo in the German alternative scene, having won several platinum and gold records at home and abroad as well as uncountable nominations for e.g. the Echo, Comet, Amadeus Award, Eins Live Krone and RSH Gold.Furthermore the team Maier/Eiermann wrote the soundtrack for the Bernd Eichinger movie "Knallharte Jungs" and also the American motion picture "Igby".Florian, singer and guitar player of FLYSWATER, has worked with music for years now, too, and can look back on two very acclaimed FLYSWATER albums that have also been released in Japan, Britain and the United States.Andreas of TRISTESSE has been in the German Punk Rock community for a long time and created one of the most imposing German-speaking Punk Rock albums with the TRISTESSE LP "Wir sind gespannt wie's ausgeht" in 1997. Yet in autumn 2003, MY EARLY MUSTANG released the mini CD "Munich – Heidelberg – Berlin" on their own and got a lot of great feedback in the German clubs. With "Miss You" the first single out of the upcoming debut album "My Early Mustang" shows up now – a modern and very straight rock song with enormous hit potential. MY EARLY MUSTANG combine their long lasting know-how with sparkling joy of playing. MY EARLY MUSTANG is a band that does not look behind or follows any trends but plays its timeless sound with power and enjoyment. Those guys rock! Their self-titled debut album shall hit the stores in mid October and will certainly gain a lot of new fans and friends.

Track list
1 - Miss You
2 - Disappointed
3 - Samantha (Campfire Remix)
4 - When You Sang