Sound Of White Noise (Re-release)


ANTHRAX - Sound Of White Noise (Re-release)

Released on: 2003-11-24

"Sound Of White Noise" marks an important album in the history of ANTHRAX as the first record with singer John Bush on board. Known as one of the best metal shouters, the Ex-ARMORED SAINT fronter does a great job replacing Joey Belladonna and leading ANTHRAX into a new era of modern rock/metal. After the release of their new killer, We've Come For You All, in 2003, the band came along with a new edition to this groundbreaking masterpiece featuring several additional clips and remixes.
The re-release of "Sound Of White Noise" is available in a high-quality digi pac plus a remix of the song 'Black Lodge' and four video clips including 'Only', 'Room For No One', 'Hy Pro Glo' and 'Black Lodge'. So if you like pushing metal with a catchy character and loads of power, this album is the right investment for you – ANTHRAX at its best!!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Potters Field 5:00
2 - Only 4:56
3 - Room For One More 4:55
4 - Packaged Rebellion 6:16
5 - Hy Pro Glo 4:31
6 - Invisible 6:10
7 - 1000 Points Of Hate 5:00
8 - Black Lodge 5:25
9 - C11H17N202SNa (Sodium Pentathol) 4:25
10 - Burst 3:41
11 - This Is Not An Exit 6:23
12 - Black Lodge (Strings Mix) 5:44
13 - Only (Video Clip)
14 - Room For One More (Video Clip)
15 - Hy Pro Glo (Video Clip)
16 - Black Lodge (Video Clip)