Stomp 442 (Re-release)


ANTHRAX - Stomp 442 (Re-release)

Released on: 2003-11-24

After the release of their ass-kicking album, We've Come For You All, in February 2003, ANTHRAX are back again! Not with new material but the re-release of their 1995 masterpiece Stomp 442, which marks one of the strongest and most dynamic records the band has ever created. Hereon Singer John Bush, who joined ANTHRAX in 1992, replacing their former shouter Joey Belladonna, shows a powerful and charismatic performance resolving all doubts in his qualities as a front man. That combined with heavy guitar riffing (proposed by Drummer Charlie and PANTERA-axeman Darrell) and pushing rhythms typical for ANTHRAX, makes "Stomp 442" a homogeneous killer album, which is still prestigious in the metal/alternative scene.

In addition to the original track list of the 1995 album, the re-release of "Stomp 442" includes two video clips of 'Fueled' and 'Nothing' and will be sold in a high-quality digi pac. This timeless classic should be included in every well-assorted record collection. So if you do not own the original killer of 1995, go for it now - this re-issue is a must-have!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Random Acts Of Senseless Violence 4:02
2 - Fueled 4:02
3 - King Size 3:59
4 - Riding Shotgun 4:26
5 - Perpetual Motion 4:20
6 - In A Zone 5:07
7 - Nothing 4:34
8 - American Pompeii 5:30
9 - Drop The Ball 4:59
10 - Tester 4:22
11 - Bare 5:30
12 - Fueled (Video Clip)
13 - Nothing (Video Clip)