Summer-Breeze All Areas 2002


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Summer-Breeze All Areas 2002

Released on: 2003-10-13

More than 20.000 people visited the SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2002 and experienced a superb spectacle: 64 bands from all over the world rocked Abtsgmünd for three days on two stages. Among the acts were: DIMMU BORGIR, HYPOCRISY, NIGHTWISH, SENTENCED, THE GATHERING, TIAMAT, SOILWORK, SAMAEL and many more. Summer Breeze – All Areas 2002 comes up with 18 extracts of the festival featuring one live-clip of each band as well as short interviews, statements and impressions of the audience between the videos.

The first SUMMER BREEZE took place in 1997 and featured only a handful of local bands in front of a few hundred visitors. In 1999 ten acts performed at the festival and in 2000 Achim Ostertag, the organizer, managed to engage some well-known bands like: CREMATORY, SUBWAY TO SALLY, FARMER BOYS, "ONKEL TOM" ANGELRIPPER and SACRED STEEL forming the basis.

2001 saw the SUMMER BREEZE grown immensely: Over 15.000 people came to Abtsgmünd to see their favorite bands, such as; IMMORTAL, AMORPHIS, RAGE, MOONSPELL and KREATOR. A great atmosphere and thrilled fans made the festival to one of the most popular in Germany and the biggest in South Germany.

In 2002 even more people were in attendance with 20.000 visitors and a brilliant running order consisting of popular Death-, Black- and Power Metal-bands as well as some Rock- and Hardcore-acts. 2003 – holding a billing of IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, IN EXTREMO, PRIMAL FEAR and many more – finally topped the mark of 30.000 festival guest… and still no end in sight!

Watch out for the performances of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER ('Gone'), SENTENCED ('Blood & Tears'), HYPOCRISY ('The Final Chapter') or AMON AMARTH ('Bleed For Ancient Gods') and be part of the fabulous SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2002.

And don't forget to show up at the next SUMMER BREEZE festival in 2004!

Track list
1 - Gurd - Older But Wiser
2 - Brainstorm - Blind Suffering
3 - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Gone
4 - Amon Amarth - Bleed For Ancient Gods
5 - Soilwork - Flame Out
6 - End Of Green - Highway 69
7 - Bloodflowerz - Diabolic Angel
8 - Emil Bulls - Symphony Of Destruction
9 - Sentenced - Blood & Tears
10 - Hypocrisy - The Final Chapter
11 - Vader - Xeper
12 - Ektomorf - Fire
13 - Pro-Pain - Fuck It
14 - Prime Sth - From The Inside
15 - Paradise Lost - True Belief
16 - Nightwish - End Of All Hope
17 - Stormwitch - Tears By The Firelight
18 - Samael - Jupiterian Vibe