MISERY INDEX - Retaliate

Released on: 2003-09-15

Brutality has a new name: Misery Index! After the great “Overthrow” debut album, now comes the long expected “Retaliate” record, which will blow every fucking speaker and every mind! Death Metal mixed with Grindcore, with an intense aggression and on a musical high level. MISERY INDEX are based out of Baltimore / Maryland, USA, and feature former DYING FETUS vocalist, lyricist, and bassist Jason Netherton and former DYING FETUS, M.O.D. and FEAR OF GOD guitarist Sparky Voyles. Rounding out the present line-up is drummer prodigy Matt Byers.The band was born in the spring of 2001, by vocalist/bassist Jason Netherton along with vocalist/guitarist Mike Harrison as a studio project, with drums performed by ex-DYING FETUS drummer Kevin Talley. “Overthrow,” their debut CD was unleashed in September of 2001 on the band’s own “Anarchos Records”, where it quickly drew praise and interest from Underground circles with its five song blast Thrash attack that met all expectations, and then some. The CD was subsequently released in 2002 in Japan on “Howling Bull/Ritual Records”, and in Europe on “Fadeless Records”. A limited edition vinyl put out on “Goodlife Recordings” soon followed. The band was then shifted to a full time project with the addition of Sparky Voyles on guitar. Subsequently, the band’s second release was a split EP with Pittsburgh’s “Commit Suicide” on “Willowtip Records”. This CD featured two new songs plus a cover of DISRUPT, and came out in the summer of 2002.The music of MISERY INDEX combines the most intense elements of Metal with a distinct Grind approach, added with a touch of Hardcore and extreme Punk attitude and passion, thus pushing the limits of metal with an insane mix of regressive thrashing rhythms, corrupting breakdowns and energetic ferocity. MISERY INDEX sets no limits in their goal of making metal and grind flow together in boundless punishing assaults designed to modernize the classic Death and Grind Metal of the early 90’s, drawing influence from DISRUPT, MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, BOLT THROWER, ASSUCK and ENTOMBEDThe imagery and lyrical concepts are also very critical to the band, and one can expect that in the true nature of the genre, MISERY INDEX will catapult their ideology and anger to the forefront, and shove the sickness and hypocrisy of this planet right back in the face of all who so quietly accept the status quo…and have fun at the same time.Following the recording out their second EP, Mike Harrison and Kevin Talley left the band to pursue other projects, and with the addition of Matt Byers on drums (ex-SEVERED HEAD), MISERY INDEX embarked on their first US tour in the summer of 2002, starting at Milwaukee Metal Fest, and continuing on for a month into July and August with Canada’s KATAKLYSM across the United States. The band also signed a long-term deal with “Nuclear Blast Records”, where “Retaliate” is now getting released. The album was recorded in Montreal within three weeks of total destruction. In december MISERY INDEX will come on tour along with their labelmates DESTRUCTION, GRAVEWORM and DEW-SCENTED, as well as DEICIDE, NILE and AMON AMARTH.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Retaliate 3:28
2 - The Lies That Bind 2:46
3 - The Great Depression 2:40
4 - Angst Isst Die Seele 4:16
5 - Demand The Impossible 4:28
6 - Order Upheld / Dissent Dissolved 2:21
7 - Servants Of Progress 2:14
8 - The Unbridgeable Chasm 3:28
9 - Bottom Feeders 2:05
10 - History Is Rotten 3:31