The Scent Of Human Desire


SECRET SPHERE - The Scent Of Human Desire

Released on: 2003-05-19

With their third album “Scent Of Human Desire,” Italian based SECRET SPHERE create a real Power Metal jewel, An epic, symphonic, and magical record! You have to experience this journey into fantasy. SECRET SPHERE can hardly be described with a certain label. Sure it is metal, but it is very open minded musically. You will find influences from Power Metal blended with Progressive elements and even Hard Rock Parts. This wide range of different sounds make SECRET SPHERE something really special. However, even with all these influcences, the band still manages to play the music in an accessible way, it doesn’t take long until you're singing along with the tracks. SECRET SPHERE are always good for a surprise so you will always experience new soundscapes in their music. “Scent Of Human Desire” was recorded in Italy and mixed at the “House Of Music” studio by Achim Köhler (Primal Fear, Sinner, Brainstorm and more). SECRET SPHERE was founded by Aldo Lonobile back in 1997. From the beginning their sound was unique and special, although it took a while until he found the right members to perform his musical visions. Just one year later SECRET SPHERE released their first demo tape “Between Story And Legend”, which became “demo of the month” in the Italian Metal Hammer. It didn’t take long until the band signed their first deal with an Italian Underground label and released two brilliant records called “Mistress Of The Shadowlight” and “A Time Nevercome”. Both received excellent reviews and SECRET SPHERE became one of the most respected bands from the “New Wave Of Italian Heavy Metal”. Both albums were licensed to Japan and South American territories. In 2001 SECRET SPHERE recorded a brilliant cover-version of “How Many Tears” from the legendary Helloween, which was featured on the tribute album “Keepers Of Jericho”, along with bands like Rhapsody, Sonata Artica and others. Finally, Nuclear Blast has signed SECRET SPHERE and will release their excellent “Scent Of Human Desire” on May, 19th. A highly intricate album with still enough balls to rock and roll!

Track list
1 - Rain
2 - Still Here
3 - 1000 Eyes' Show
4 - More Than Simple Emotions
5 - Surrounding
6 - Desire
7 - Virgin Street 69
8 - Runaway Train
9 - Scent Of A Woman
10 - Life Part 1 - Walking Through The Dawn
11 - Life Part 2 - Daylight