Released on: 2003-06-16

Regressus”, meaning “The Return” in English, is the title of the upcoming album from a metal band with international line up, MYSTIC PROPHECY, which will be released the 16th of June 2003. MYSTIC PROPHECY’s new partners are Nuclear Blast, who were so impressed with their material that they decided to sign the band for several albums. “Regressus” is an ultra-heavy masterpiece, both fast and groovy at the same time! Eleven Songs will be featured on it, amongst them “Calling From Hell,” “Sign Of The Cross,” “Night Of The Storm” and “The Land Of The Dead.” The band consists of Greek vocalist R. D. Liapakis (Valley’s Eve), bass player Martin Albrecht (ex-Stormwitch), drummer Dennis Ekdahl (Raise Hell) and guitarist Gus G. (Dream Evil and Firewind), who recently was mentioned among the best guitar players worldwide in the Japanese magazines Burrn! and Young Guitar Magazine. Regressus is a very exciting album, unheard since the glorious Bay Area times! Be warned!

Track list
1 - Calling From Hell
2 - Eternal Flames
3 - Lords Of Pain
4 - Sign Of The Cross
5 - Night Of The Storm
6 - The Traveller
7 - In Your Sins
8 - Forgotten Soul
9 - When Demons Return
10 - Regressus – Lost In Time
11 - Mystic Prophecy
12 - The Land Of The Dead