A Tribute To Accept Vol. 2


VARIOUS ARTISTS - A Tribute To Accept Vol. 2

Released on: 2001-10-15

Here’s the second part of our very successful tribute to one of the greatest Heavy Metal band in history. You‘ll find some outstanding versions of classics like „Princess Of The Dawn“, „Fast As A Shark“, „Midnight Mover“, „Restless And Wild“ or „Breaker“ besides some band faves like „Predator“, „T.V. War“ or „XTC“. The last one is from the Accept album „Eat The Heat“, the only album they ever did without Udo Dirkschneider on vocals. Here you hear his version with his band U.D.O. and you get an impression how it would have sounded like if...!

Besides established bands like Therion, Agent Steel, Tad Morose or Rough Silk you’ll find some real young talents with a big future on this compilation. Watch out for bands like Raise Hell, Witchery, Darkane or Custard!

Track list
1 - Witchery - Fast As A Shark
2 - Raise Hell - Slaves To Metal
3 - U.D.O. - XTC
4 - Disbelief - Dogs On Leads
5 - Breaker - Breaker
6 - Godgory - Princess Of The Dawn
7 - Tad Morose - Losing More Than You've Ever Had
8 - Therion - Seawinds
9 - Agent Steel - Demon's Night
10 - Darkane - Restless & Wild
11 - Rough Silk - Screaming For A Lovebite
12 - Vanize - Predator
13 - Custard - Aiming High
14 - Darkseed - Midnight Mover
15 - Spiral Tower - T.V. War
16 - Rock 'N' Roll Stormtrooper (Wizo) - I'm A Rebel