Released on: 2001-10-01

After the release of a first demotape more than one decade ago, Lacrimosa“ began their illustrious journey with their classic "7-single "Alles Lüge". Three albums followed, and meanwhile Lacrimosa invented the term 'Gothic Metal' in 1994, yet without really letting themselves fall into this category. While other bands did let them inspire by Lacrimosa, they turned away to more classic and romantic elements, and in the years that were to come they even achieved the highest degrees in perfection concerning their mix of emotional lyrics, powerful rock and orchestral music, which led to three further albums, a live album and even a collaboration with the famous London Symphony Orchestra. After sold-out tours through Europe, Mid- and South America, one million sold albums, regular chart entries (last time they even hit the 12th position in the german top 100), and lots of awards, Lacrimosa nowadays have become the most successful independent act worldwide. But instead of releasing a best-of to celebrate their 10th birthday, Lacrimosa will release "Fassade", their most ambitious work so far. After the return from their "Elodia"-tour and the final millenium gig, Tilo Wolff began with the work for "Fassade" already the 01.01.2000. In autumn, the planning stage started, where a production plan was made and the line-up and production studio was chosen. In January 2001 the auditions began, and after spending five months in studios at Hamburg and Berlin, an infernal symphony was created. A symphony which tells about the position and decline of the lone individual in modern society, which shines through the human psyche and the contention with religious aspects. Music-wise, "Fassade" marks a stepping-stone, not only because of the participation of a choir and various orchestras, but also because of the strange and hard, yet melodic and detailed compositions. For our hectic times, the album has an almost luxury peace and patience. You will discover a warm rain of sound, which captures the listener and takes him on to a journey, to a sea of feelings. Lacrimosa really succeeded in defining a new standard for their own creations, by keeping their unique handwriting, but yet once again sounding like a newly invented band.

Track list
1 - Fassade - 1. Satz
2 - Der Morgen danach
3 - Senses
4 - Warum so tief?
5 - Fassade - 2. Satz
6 - Liebesspiel
7 - Stumme Worte
8 - Fassade - 3. Satz