Der Morgen danach


LACRIMOSA - Der Morgen danach

Released on: 2001-08-06

After LACRIMOSA in December last year made a cross-section of their present stagehistory in a form of a live video and DVD, at summer there will finally be brand new material available from the band, which is since yearssustainiously affecting the world-wide Undergroundscene. With the title "Der Morgen danach" (The morning after) LACRIMOSA will release at the 6th of August, 2001their new single, and is connecting this musically as well as in content with the previous album "Elodia"and it's final title "Am Ende stehen wir zwei". Besides the insert of the German Filmorchestra Babelsberg, so far two unreleased songs will to be heard only on this single!

Track list
1 - Der Morgen danach
2 - Der Morgen danach (Metus Version)
3 - Nichts bewegt sich
4 - Vankina