Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000

Released on: 2001-05-21

As every year the festival tour from Nuclear Blast, that meanwhile became legendary, was celebrated in the „Longhorn“ in Stuttgart. And of course, this year’s package has been great again. With the Canadian hyper-blast gods Kataklysm, the Swedish youngsters Raise Hell, Peter Tägtgrens Hypocrisy, the German Thrash Metal legend Destruction and Germany’s leading Gothic Metal band Crematory there was at least one band featured to suit anyone’s taste. Therefore the hall was packed when Raise Hell started their gig (they took turns with Kataklysm concerning the opening slot every night). With their refreshing Thrash Metal-songs they were able to impress the audience right from the start. Everybody was amazed by listening to songs like „Dance With The Devil“, „Soulcollector“ or the straight-forward „Babes“. Right from the start they let us know that they are willing to follow the footsteps of such bands like Kreator, Sodom or their label mates Destruction. Following to this great gig, Kataklysm started playing and did their best to devastate the Longhorn. The first song „1999.6661.2000“ already blew the boxes so that you couldn’t be sure if they would remain intact until the rest of the show. But the highlight of this gig was when Crematory-singer Felix entered the stage to sing Kataklysm’s classics „The awakener“ with the guys. Collectively the mood was very harmonical and all of the bands have been very relaxed and on a friendly footing with each other. This is not always the regular way on such tours. The following is almost indescribable in words. Everybody knows that Hypocrisy is a killer-live band but this night they brought the crowd to the boil. The heavyness of the guys around Peter Tägtgren is amazing. Songs like „Fractured Millenium“, „Fire In The Sky“ or „Elastic inverted visions“ are real groove monsters and the audience was having a great time. Of course, their last song was their ultimate hit „Roswell 47“, and it was sure that the boys again delivered a gig that would be talked about for a long time!Then Destruction started the big carnage and got ready to slaughter the fans one by one. After some initial sound problems the crowd went wild and banged tireless. Destruction had the advantage of having the most common material so that the audience celebrated the older stuff as well as the new. „Course of gods“, „Eternal ban“, „Tears of blood“ or both the hymns „The butcher strikes back“ and „Mad butcher“, all songs were sung along by the fans. In the forefield of the festival tour there were many discussions if Crematory were the right ones to keep the mood up after Destruction. But all doubts were removed when Crematory made their debut with „Endless“. And already with the third song „The fallen“ the complete hall was singing the chorus together with frontman Felix. He had the crowds under him and with songs like „Shadows Of Mine“, „Away“, „Temple Of Love“ or the great „Tears Of Time“ they drove the nail home.

Track list
1 - RAISE HELL - Dance With The Devil
2 - RAISE HELL - Babes
3 - RAISE HELL - Soulcollector
4 - KATAKLYSM - 1999.6661.2000
5 - KATAKLYSM - Laments Of Fear
6 - KATAKLYSM - The Awakener
7 - HYPOCRISY - Fractured Millenium
8 - HYPOCRISY - Legions Descend
9 - HYPOCRISY - Fire In The Sky
10 - HYPOCRISY - Elastic Invert Visions
11 - DESTRUCTION - The Butcher Strikes Back
12 - DESTRUCTION - Tears Of Blood
13 - DESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher
14 - DESTRUCTION - Total Desaster
15 - CREMATORY - Endless
16 - CREMATORY - I Never Die
17 - CREMATORY - Awayits