Book Of The Dead


STEEL PROPHET - Book Of The Dead

Released on: 2001-04-23

Steel Prophet is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the very near future. Guitar player and founder Steve Kachinsky started his band under the moniker Hard Prophet at the beginning of the eighties under the influence of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. At that time he never spent many thoughts on the fact that Steel Prophet – a name change came shortly after – would become one of the leading Power Metal bands of the world for the last two decades. 'Leading' does not refer to the number of sales but to the standard of quality. The release of the demo tape "Inner Ascendance" in 1990 indicated the unbelievable potential of the band and enchanted fans of the early Fates Warning style too. With the debut "The Goddess Principle", Steel Prophet developed a thrashy Power Metal style. Splendid reviews followed from the press. But the advertising-campaign of the record company was missing and "The Goddess Principle" drowned into the typical CD release-overkill. The mini-album "Continuum" and the fast paced "Into the Void" helped them a lot in gaining more popularity. Europe’s premier metal label Nuclear Blast rewarded the stubbornness and devotion to their style of music with a contract. The first testimony of this co-operation is the exceptional CD "Dark Hallucinations". Finally the Americans had the chance to tour the old continent supporting Gamma Ray. In connection with the excellent songs, it was the energetic live-performance of Steel Prophet the fans honoured, and in turn they secured their place in the metal scene. Only twelve months after "Dark Hallucinations", "Messiah" made its appearance and confirmed the high expectations. Festival-gigs and touring with Lefay and Angel Dust further established Steel Prophet. To keep the enthusiasm of the fans boiling, "Genesis" was quickly launched. It was an album with several cover tunes from bands like Accept, Maiden, Metallica and Priest. In addition came the six tracks of "Inner Ascendance" into CD-honours. Kachinsky must have felt a tremendous pressure when he compiled the material for "Book of the Dead". After all it had to meet or even exceed his self-proclaimed standards. Steel Prophet’s class showed once again and during a short time, they had to involve their new members Jim Williams on guitar and Karl Rosqvist on drums, with the selections from their most complete album yet. "Book of the Dead" is in principal the essence of the previous discs and features all the advantages, which distinguish Steel Prophet. The catchy Smasher "When Six Was Nine", the heavy "Tragic Flaws", "Escaped" which reminds very much of Maiden's "The Trooper", the crackling "Church Of Mind", the intense semi-ballad "Burning Into Blackness", the lightly progressive "Locked Out", the grinding-thrashy "Phobia", and the groovy "Anger Seething" show the combined versatility of the five Americans. Besides the impressive technical abilities, the varied vocals of Rick Mythiasin especially stand out. Of course Kachinsky, who himself plays a furious lead guitar, shows some solo-performances that are full of feeling, expression and virtuosity which is hard to beat. With the album "Book Of The Dead" Steel Prophet is again leaving the majority of its competition far behind.

Track list
1 - When six was nine
2 - Tragic Flaws
3 - Escaped
4 - Soleares
5 - Church of mind
6 - Burning Into Blackness
7 - The Chamber
8 - Locked out
9 - Ruby dreams
10 - Phobia
11 - Anger seething
12 - Oleander