DARKANE - Insanity

Released on: 2001-04-30

Listen to the soothsayer, the world is about to fall apart. But there is still time for one more fix of hedonism, still time to stomp the accelerator and burn some fuel. Yeah, let's feed the greenhouse effect! Never mind about tomorrow. But above all, there is still time to crank the volume and blast the planet with a nuclear load of molten metal. And believe me, there is no better band for this purpose than Darkane... Darkane rose out of the ashes of Agretator, an ill-fated but talented band giving Watchtower (of course you remember them!) a run for the money. When Agretator became history, drummer Peter Wildoer and guitarist Christofer Malmström teamed up with fellow six stringer Klas Ideberg and bass player Jörgen Löfberg. This new outfit immediately began to crystallise a more aggressive, straight forward sound, both technical and brutal. The combination of Peter Wildoer's unique drumming style and a steady floodwave of blistering guitar work created an eerie feeling that can only be described as... Darkane-ish! After two tracks on the seminal "WAR Dance"-compilation, Darkane appeared as iron-clad saviours with their highly acclaimed 1998 debut "Rusted Angel". The follow-up "Insanity" has been carefully carved out of the manic ideas collected during a long period of songwriting, taking their time, no need to hurry. The recording sessions were haunted by a slew of mysterious accidents. Darkane took this as a solid sign of approval from the forces below. And the end result of this harsh process - "Insanity" - can only be described as a shocking piece of stun-gun metal, a Clockwork Orange-style therapy session that will fry your brains to a totalitarian crisp. Big brother is watching you! Never change a winning team. Well, almost never, because Darkane have a new vocalist in Andreas Sydow. Their trademark sound is still there though: a Swedish feel for strong melodies mixed with a violent undertow, powerhouse drumming, bold arrangements and tons of caustic guitars, all this captured by a sterling production job done by Daniel Bergström. Taste some of the song titles: "Pile Of Hate", "Hostile Phantasm", "Psychic Pain"... Hey doc, if this is insanity, then I'm heading straight for it!

Track list
1 - Calamitas
2 - Third
3 - Emanation of fear
4 - Impure Perfection
5 - Hostile phantasm
6 - Psychic Pain
7 - 000111
8 - The perverted beast
9 - Distress
10 - Inauspicious coming
11 - Pile of hate
12 - Inverted Spheres