The Silver Chord Is Severed


MORTIFICATION - The Silver Chord Is Severed

Released on: 2001-02-05

Mortification now in their eleventh year continue to refine their Metal sounds with the release of their tenth studio album "The Silver Cord is Severed". This new opus sees the band achieving a more earthy & rhythmic Extreme Metal sound that captures ideas from the thirty years that Metal has been around. The title track & Hardware display a sombre 70's sound, Bring the Joy & Forsake the Flesh a touch of 80's Thrash with the rest of the album incorporating their 90's Death Metal beginnings and new Millenium Power Groove. The initial release of "The Silver Cord is Severed" will contain Mortification's "10 Years Live not Dead" as a free bonus CD so catch that while it lasts. January 2000 saw the departure of long serving drummer Keith Bannister with the replacement being 15 year old drumming prodigy Adam Zaffarese. Mortification founding member Bassist/ Vocalist Steve Rowe is 20 years older than Adam but along with guitarist Lincoln Bowen could instantly see the talent. Adam has played with the band throughout 2000 and features on the new album. Steve has known Adam's father Johno for 15 years who was a label mate with Steve in the 80's when Steve's old band Lightforce & Johno's band Raiders were signed to the same US label. Often Steve would mind Adam & his little brothers while Johno and his wife went to the movies. Adam was 4 years old in 1988 & already drumming. Steve has been playing Metal as long as Adam has been alive. Interesting Steve now has a 5 year old son Leighton who already plays drums also. Adam brings a youthful rhythmic drum sound to Steve & Lincoln's varied Metal sounds. Mortification has toured Australia countless times, New Zealand twice, USA 5 times & Europe 3 times. 2001 sees the band trekking across The World for the first time with June/ July/ August performing across Australia, South Africa, Europe, USA & South America. Big things look set for Mortification with appearances at major festivals and a loud call to go and play new unchartered territories. Steve Rowe's vision and potency for the band seems stronger than ever after his victory over life threatening cancer. Their message is clear and is being heard louder & louger as the years goon. Metal canbe a positive Godly Force and Mortification's persistent rising proves this.

Track list
1 - Metal blessing
2 - Access denied
3 - Hardware
4 - Bring the joy
5 - Standing at the door of death
6 - Whom they would kill
7 - I am revolutionary
8 - Forsake the flesh
9 - Sensitive nerves ending
10 - The silver cord is severed