Released on: 2000-08-28

It is a well known fact that STEEL PROPHET is a very busy band. However it was a surprise that just half a year after the launch of the highly successful album Messiah a new CD was going to be released. Genesis however does not contain new material and is intended to close the gap until new stuff is available to be released. It contains a a lot of classics that are a must for collectors of varied, timeless and perfectly performed Heavy Metal. First of all you’ll get the long awaited official release of Inner Ascendance (1989), the famous demo tape. This tape is one of the hottest, best and most sought after classics in the US metal scene. That’s no wonder as this atmospheric and progessive tape sounded a lot like the beginnings of Fates Warning. These six tracks are followed by a number of cover songs that have been released on odd samplers and tribute CD’s. These covers are performed on the same high levels than the originals by famous artists ACCEPT, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and last but not least IRON MAIDEN. It is mainly the last band that have deeply influenced the work of STEEL PROPHET and especially the melodic and powerful guitar playing of Axewizard Steve Kachinsky. With Don’t You Forget About Me of the SIMPLE MINDS STEEL PROPHET is crossing the border to pop music, but in a very metallic way. With that version they demonstrate the ability to walk on other terrain and to give each song their individual note. This all makes Genesis a definitive must!

Track list
1 - Demo '89: Death
2 - Demo '89: Sleep of despair
3 - Demo '89: Inner ascendance
4 - Demo '89: Life
5 - Demo '89: Nihilism's spell
6 - Demo '89: Technocricide
7 - Fast as a shark (ACCEPT)
8 - Gangland (IRON MAIDEN)
9 - Ides of march/Purgatory (MAIDEN)
10 - Fade to black (METALLICA)
11 - Dreamer, deceiver (JUDAS PRIEST)
12 - Neon Knights (BLACK SABBATH)
13 - Don't you forget about me (SIMPLE MINDS)