The second decade (Best of)


SINNER - The second decade (Best of)

Released on: 1999-11-15

There’s no denying that Sinner have been at the top of the European metal scene for years now. Even during the times where Grunge and Crossover were predominant on the market, Sinner released one superb album after the other and from the mid-nineties the sinners started getting really heavy. “Bottom Line”, “Judgement Day” and the masterpiece from 1998, “The Nature Of Evil”, were the the heaviest and the best releases from Mastermind, Mat Sinner & Co. to date. “The Nature Of Evil” entered the German Top 100 sales charts (No. 68) and became the worldwide most successful album in the bands career. These releases are the basis of the ‘Best of..’ album, “The Second Decade”. However, Mat Sinner & Co. didn’t just want to release a ‘Best of..’ album without offering their fans something special. Therefore, fans will find, along with “The Second Decade”, “The Truth Is Out There” (with the original Sinner drummer, Bernie van der Graaf) and an acoustic version of the Sinner classic, Respect (recorded in Japan), three previously unreleased tracks on this album. The absolute highlight is the cover version of the Accept classic, “Balls To The Wall” with it’s typical Sinner groove and previously only available on the Accept tribute album. The fact that „Streets Of Sin“ (Judgement Day), an almost forgotten jewel, made it’s way on to this album proves that this release is truly a ‚Best Of.’ And not a ‘Greatest Hits.’ Album. Naturally, THE Sinner classic couldn’t be left out, after all, the motto “Born To Rock” (ripping live version) isn’t just a battlecry but more so a way of life for Mat Sinner (Vocals & Bass), Alex Beyroth & Tom Naumann (Guitars), Frank Rössler (Keyboards) and Fritz Randow (Drums). This was the most stabil line up to date in the bands career and this compilation is a super way of looking back on the work of these 5 extraordinary musicians because in the year 2000 there will be changes made in the Sinner ranks.As with Primal Fear, Tom Naumann is now no longer by Sinner and has been replaced by ex-Thunderhead guitar god, Henry Wolter, who already shows what he’s made of on “The Second Decade” where he appears as guest musician on “When Silence Falls”, “The Biggest Lie” and as joint composer of the classic “Rage Of A Hurricane”. All in all, “The Second Decade” is a superb cross section of the last years and whets the appetite for the next album . “The End Of Santuary” is currently being recorded and will be released in April 2000 …….. and maybe there’ll be a SINNER – Three Decades Of Sin in 2009 !

Track list
1 - The second decade
2 - Jump the gun
3 - When silence falls
4 - Devil's river
5 - Used to the truth
6 - A question of honour
7 - The truth is out there
8 - Ball of the wall
9 - Judgement day
10 - The biggest lie
11 - Streets of sin
12 - Rage of a hurricane
13 - The nature of evil
14 - Born to rock
15 - Respect