Theli - Deluxe Edition


THERION - Theli - Deluxe Edition

Released on: 2014-02-28

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Recorded at Impuls Studio (CRADLE OF FILTH, KMFDM) in Hamburg, Germany, THERION was putting on tape the songs that would forever change the band’s career and the future budget situation. The result named »Theli«, received extremely positive reviews in all major music magazines, sales doubled compared to its predecessor »Lepaca Kliffoth« within a month and suddenly there was an offer to tour with their Finnish labelmates AMORPHIS.

To celebrate what would become one of the ultimate Metal classics of the 90s, THERION re-released their fifth studio album »Theli«, which includes the legendary hit 'To Mega Therion' as well as the outstanding 10-minutes epos 'The Siren Of The Woods' and the hymn 'Cults Of The Shadow'. The deluxe edition of »Theli« has three more bonus tracks: 'In Rememberance', 'Black Fairy', the SCORPIONS cover version 'Fly To The Rainbow' as well as a bonus DVD with the entire album performed live.

Founded in 1987, THERION have evolved from a mere Death Metal outfit, into one of the first acts to take a trip towards the world of Classic. Their 1996 album »Theli« is not only their breakthrough release, but also one of the records that would set the standards for what now is known as Symphonic Metal and a well-established part of the genre. It features two different choirs and Dan Swanö from EDGE OF SANITY on vocals among several other guest musicians.

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Preludium 1:43
2 - To Mega Therion 6:34
3 - Cults Of The Shadow 5:14
4 - In The Desert Of Set 5:29
5 - Interludium 1:47
6 - Nightside Of Eden 7:31
7 - Opus Eclipse 3:41
8 - Invocation Of Naamah 5:31
9 - The Siren Of The Woods 9:57
10 - Grand Finale / Postludium 4:06
11 - In Rememberance (Bonus Track) 6:29
12 - Black Fairy (Bonus Track) 5:56
13 - Fly To The Rainbow (Bonus Track) 8:13
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Preludium
2 - To Mega Therion
3 - Cults Of The Shadow
4 - In The Desert Of Set
5 - Interludium
6 - Nightside Of Eden
7 - Opus Eclipse
8 - Invocation Of Naamah
9 - The Siren Of The Woods
10 - Grand Finale / Postludium

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