Gothenburg is Sweden's metal heart and without any doubt All Ends is set to become one of the bigger names internationally.
The line-up, including the two female vocalists Tinna Karlsdotter and the newest member Jonna Sailon, drummer Joseph "joey" Skansås, guitarists Fredrik Johansson, Peter Mårdklint, and bassist Anders Janfalk got signed in 2006 with Gun Records/SonyBMG Entertainment and in May 2007 they released the EP "Wasting Life" (info) which got well spread over Europe & Japan.

All Ends

Early 2007 All Ends started to work on their self-titled debut-album (info | shop). And after about 6 months in the studio with songwriting, pre-production recording and mixing the album was ready to launch. The album doesn't sound a lot like many other female fronted acts in the genre (Nightwish, Within Temptation or Evanescence) instead it sounds like nothing other than ALL ENDS!

During 2007 - 2008 All Ends toured with bands such as Apocalyptica, Oomph!, After Forever, Finntroll etc. And in the fall of 2008 they performed at Loudpark festival, Tokyo, together with Mötley Crue, Slipknot and Bullet for my Valentine. During the summer the same year All Ends also performed at a majority of the bigger Swedish festivals including Sweden rock festival, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Arvika & Summer Breeze in Germany to name a few. The enormously great response has lead to a constant growing fanbase at home as well as abroad.
To this date the album has been released in Sweden, Australia, Finland, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. In Japan the band has scored amazing success with a 10 chart entry, selling over 12,000 units the first week. As a result of this a re-release of the album came out on Christmas eve 2008. In Sweden they did a chart entry on 40 and had enormous success in rock radio sequences, and their cover of Apologize with video has over 190 000 viewes on Myspace TV and well over 200 000 views on Youtube.

2009 started with a European tour together with Edguy, and in March they met up again for a co-headline tour in Japan which off course was a total success. 2010 ”We’re glad we finally found a label with global potential, whom can give All Ends what we aimed for the last years and that is to be a band of international heights. We are proud to be a part of Nuclear Blast with its team and their impressive current roster”
“Our new album A Road to depression (info | shop) is far the best stuff we have ever produced and we’ve become a new band in all sense of the word, looking for greater success and no less than world domination is the goal”