Re:aktor had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2003. During this time, they released the following album:

• Zero Order (info)

Out of nowhere comes a this new revolutionary act with the code-mysterious name Re:aktor. Like an invasion from out of space [Nexion], Ca2, R.A.D. and D-Void teamed up to assemble this ground-breaking, state of the artartconquered our territory and spread their message through their modern metal machine.

Totally unstoppable, [Nexion] the band’s hyper-creative coremastermind, designed and conceived Re:aktor in the form of the ultimate energy powerhouse. A futuristic, high-tech blend produced and performed at atomic precision –sound, which is destined to break the boundaries of metalmetalthey use as we know it. their speach. This crossover style could be described as a transversal line between cyber-industrial metal and modern rock, flirting with electronic programming & sampling techniques.elements.

A unique fusion,mixture which can hardly be labelled with a certain style. You have to experience this mystic and dark chapter of modern metal, feel it and go insane.All members are experienced musicians, with very different backgrounds, which no doubt contributed to achieve Re:aktor’s unique vibe. United by the All members are experienced musicians, with After [Nexion] experienced earth for the first time, he felt the need to show the poor human race how to play metal in another dimension.

Together with his space collegues D-Void, Ca2 and R.A.D. he put their mission under the banner of Re:aktor. All members have very different backgrounds, which no doubt contributed to achieve Re:aktor’s unique vibe.
United by the The common goal is to innovate and push forward the envelope of the conservative european metal /and heavy rock scene, by adding a lethal dose of freshness in the form of inventive killer songs. This creates such amazing tracks like “My Own Fear” which sounds like an invasion of several spaceships conquering our planet.
Also more melodic tracks like the melancholic “See” have a lot of power and an intense mood. “Zero Order” has a lot of stuff to discover and experience, produced by [Nexion] himself. The album itself was produced within several periods in various studios. The final master was done in march, 2003 by George Marino at Sterling Sound, where also Marilyn Manson, Metallica or Nickleback have been before.