Madrigal had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2008. During this time, they released the following album:

• I Die, You Soar (info)

Madrigal was founded in 1998 in Gothenburg, Sweden. They were teenagers back in those days and played in different local bands. They started rehearsing and a year later they won a new bands competition.

The first prize was to enter a studio and record a demo. The demo was sent out to and it was really successful. They were number 3 in the Gothic chart ahead of bands like Lacuna Coil and Moonspell.

In early 2000 Madrigal had the chance to open up a show for In Flames in Gothenburg. They received a great response and In Flames Singer Anders Friden was very impressed with the band. He invited them to the Studio Fredman (which he owns) to record their debut album „I Die, You Soar“.
Anders played the demos to the Nuclear Blast A&R´s - In Flames record company – who thought that Madrigal was a newcomerband that deserved a deal!
So the story began... „I Die, You Soar“ is an album for all the fans who are tired of the commercialism of their favourite bands like Anathema and Paradise Lost. Songs like „Same face“, „Languish“, „Mind In Disgiuse“ or „Ashen Eyes“ are very old fashioned Gothic Metal without sounding antique. The record's sound is up to date and Anders did a brilliant job. If you listen to the outstanding vocal performance of Martin Karlsson (also rhythm guitarist) you can feel the pain, melancholy and power of his life in every single note.