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Before sending us a mail, please read this page, perhaps your questions will be answered this way already! Scroll down and have a look...

Q: Where can I write to receive a free mail order catalogue?

A: Just send an email to mailorder@nuclearblast.de or a postcard to Nuclear Blast, Att: new catalogue, Oeschstr. 40, 73072 Donzdorf, Germany. But please NOTE that we'll only send a catalogue for free if you're ordering from Europe! If you're ordering from the US or overseas, please send us $2 or 3 IRC's to cover our postage expenses!
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Q: Where can I find info about my favorite Nuclear Blast bands?

A: You'll find them either on the individual band page (just choose your favourite band from artist page) or on their official website, which is mentioned in the band's profile that is also accessable from our band pages.
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Q: Why does my favourite artist won't play in my area/are gigs cancelled?

A: Sorry, that's not up to us! Nuclear Blast doesn't organize tours! Instead, try contacting the tour/booking agency which sets up the tour. They should be able to help you! Anyway, we always try to announce changes on our website as soon as those news arrive here. So, check our tour dates from time to time!
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Q: How may I contact my favorite band?

A: Have a look at the band's profile on our page. If there's an e-mail mentioned, you might contact them directly. If not, they're receiving too many mails already and simply can't answer mails personally. But we'll forward your mails if you send them to us. Please consider that we can't guarantee that you'll receive a reply! Also, be sure to have a look at their latest CD's, there might be a contact adress printed in the booklet...
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Q: I tried to watch a video/listen to a Real Audio File on your website but it doesn't work! What can I do?

A: First of all, be sure to have the latest version of Real Media Player installed! You'll find a free version on www.real.com. Also check if you're using a newer version of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer as browser. If it still doesn't work, try checking the FAQ-page on http://service.real.com/index.html for further troubleshooting!
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Q: I have an own website and would like to/already feature your artist(s). Do I get support of Nuclear Blast?

A: Send us your URL and visitor statistics (page impressions, unique users per month etc.) and we'll check if it's a page worth supporting. Remember that there's sometimes dozens of innofficial sites, and, as an example, once there's already an official site in english language, it's unlikely that we'll provide support if you're more or less doing the same. Important: We do not allow any use of MP3s or streamings that are longer than 30 seconds! And remember, streamings, not downloads! If we discover that your site doesn't follow this guideline, we're forced to let you remove those files.
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