Covered in skin

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GOREGAST - Covered in skin
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  • Format:7"EP
  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Two new tracks serve as an appetizer for their fourth album! Limited to 500 copies plus a sticker!

Mehr Info:

GOREGAST comes from Berlin (Germany) and their originally foundation was in 1993 with: DISTRESS. The origin members were: Mirko Rösener ( bass), Jörn Böttcher ( guitar), Sven Fleischer( guitar, ) Rewie Zimmermann at the drums and Rico Unglaube as vokiller. In 1994 we published our first Demo called " H.I.H. " .All exemplars were sold out. In 1995 our second Demo called: " Putrid Corpse " All exemp...lars were sold out. At this time we play a lot of concerts. For example with MANGLED TORSOS, DRITTE WAHL, ILLDISPOSED, DISGUST, MANOS, MALEDICTIVE PIGS, DEAD, ENTRAILS MASSACRE and many more. In 1997 we decided to take a break because of family problems and so on…. This break was a little bit longer than seven years. After a lineup change Jörn Böttcher, now (bass), Rico Krause (guitar), Steve Kleinert (guitar), Josch Stritzke (drums) and Rico Unglaube as vokiller again, decided in Summer 2005 to wake up DISTRESS .Our intention was to play now a mixture between grindcore and deathmetal. Because of the long musical break we had a problem: Distress was now although the name of a other band and we had to change our name. Our decision was GOREGAST. Our inspiration was a little village named Gorgast in the east of germany and in the near of our birthplaces. In february 2005 we recorded our promotion-cd "Terassen am See", including 3 songs on a 8-ways recorder. In June 2005 Jörn Böttcher left the band and Ronny Thiel (ex-DISINTEGRATE) takes place at the bass. In August 2005 we recorded our first fullength album " VIVA EL ANIMAL" at (SOUNDFORGE RECORDINGS) under the direction of Andreas Hilbert. The vokillz are sometimes in spanish, german or english. Our songs are about animal tortures, pervert chinese traditions, the politic of the U.S.A., human cruelty against animals, the fucking pelt industrie and many more…!!! The first album was published on Delicious Bowles Agency. After two years, many concerts, a spain,- and although a german-tour, we recorded our second album "LA REVANCHA" at (Soundforge Recordings) in 2007. "LA REVANCHA" was published on the spanish label Hecatombe Records. In summer 2007, Goregast was part of the Hecatombe-tour through spain. After the last tour-concert our vokiller Rico Unglaube left the band to live in the south of spain with his wife and his children. January 2008, Tina Pogodda joined the band as the new shouter for Goregast. December 2009, Tina left the band for private reasons and changed the mic against a bottle of milk. Rico Unglaube is back as the old/new screamhead. In summer of '11 Josch left the band for personal reasons. The new drummer, Torge Ließmann has joined the band in August 2011.
(Quelle/Origin: GOREGAST website)

Side A:
01. Covered In Skin
Side B:
01. Mindcreeper
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