Half human, half dynamite / 1980’s ladies

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STUDFAUST - Half human, half dynamite / 1980’s ladies
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    7"EP - 9,99 EUR
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"STUDFAUST is a project sown together by Bard "Faust" Eithun (ex-EMPEROR, BLOOD TSUNAMI) and Tore Bratseth (ex-OLD FUNERAL).
They entered the studio in late November 2011 and the result was two dirty, firesparking tracks in the spirit of the old school of metalpunk. Music like this is rarely made nowadays with such authenticity and passion, and these veterans in the metal scene, now show their musical muscles with a "piss off" attitude. Studfaust definitely stand on their own, and this 7"EP will most likely become a cult collectors item with only 500 copies to be pressed. Get your copy now...and grab a cold beer while spinning it on your turntable. ALLRIGHT!"

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