Melbourne 1974 & The TV collection CLEAR VINYL

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AC/DC - Melbourne 1974 & The TV collection CLEAR VINYL
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Mehr von AC/DC

Der Radio-Mittschnitt vom 31. Dezember 1974 plus Interviews aus den Jahren 1976 und 1977 auf klarem Vinyl.

Mehr Info:

The legendary Bon Scott joined AC/DC in September 1974, a year or so after the group had been founded by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young in Melbourne, Australia. And it was just three short months later that they performed their first show for FM radio broadcast, on New Year’s Eve that same year, at the Festival Hall in Melbourne. This recording is now included in full on this deluxe vinyl release, alongside a number of bonus cuts that the group performed for Australian TV between 1976 and 1978. The release is completed with some early interviews AC/DC gave in London in 1976 and 1977 during which they discuss their ambitions and hopes for the future.

Side A:
1.She’s Got Ball
2.Soul Stripper
3.Show Business
4.Can I Sit Next To You, Girl
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