The wörld is ours Vol. 1 - Everywhere further...

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MOTÖRHEAD - The wörld is ours Vol. 1 - Everywhere further...
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  • DVD-Digi + 2CD - 14,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:190475
  • Format:DVD-Digi + 2CD
  • Genre:Hardrock, Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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"...than everyplace else": Der Auftritt im Teatro Caupolican in Santiago (Chile) vom 9.April 2011 plus Bonusmaterial aus New York (u.a. mit DORO) und Manchester!

Mehr Info:

"Around The Wörld Vol. 1" is a blistering DVD containing live footage, interviews and some of the finest moments from the band's 2011 world tour.

Mixed by the band's long-time producer Cameron Webb, "Around The Wörld Vol. 1" is stuffed with the classics Motörfans demand, from "Overkill" to "Ace Of Spades" to "Killed By Death" as well as some old gems like "Over The Top" and new favorites such as "I Know How To Die".

"Around The Wörld Vol. 1" gives you the complete set from the band's supreme performance in Chile at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago on April 9, 2011, shot by Banger Films and Sam Dunn ("Iron Maiden Flight 666", "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage"). The DVD continues with some tasty morsels from New York's Best Buy Theater and the Manchester Apollo.

"Around The Wörld Vol. 1" is a pure testament to the power, glory and sheer voltage of the finest rock 'n' roll played by real legends. Accept NO substitute! And yes, as you guessed, the DVD documentation will be continued next year…

Disc 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Iron Fist (Live) 4:56
2 - Stay Clean (Live) 3:26
3 - Get Back In Line (Live) 4:12
4 - Metropolis (Live) 4:36
5 - Over The Top (Live) 2:35
6 - One Night Stand (Live) 3:47
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Disc 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Iron Fist (Live) 4:56
2 - Stay Clean (Live) 3:06
3 - Get Back In Line (Live) 4:04
4 - Metropolis (Live) 4:28
5 - Over The Top (Live) 3:24
6 - One Night Stand (Live) 3:29
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Disc 3
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Going To Brazil (Live) 2:53
2 - Killed By Death (Live) 4:56
3 - Ace Of Spades (Live) 3:52
4 - Overkill (Live) 7:40
5 - Rock Out (Live NY) 2:23
6 - The Thousand Names Of God (Live NY) 6:29
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