Antichristus ex utero

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WITCHMASTER - Antichristus ex utero
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Thrash Metal
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"Antichristus ex utero" features drummer Inferno from BEHEMOTH and various ex-members from INCANTATION, VADER & PROFANUM. A relentless thrash black metal assault...

Mehr Info:

WITCHMASTER was born in 1996 with aim to play extreme Metal the way it was meant to be: raw, violent and filthy. Today, with Inferno (of Behemoth) returning to the band after some ten years of absence, we are back with our fifth album ‘Antichristus ex utero’ with no intention of backing down what-so-fucking-ever. It is a relentless thrash black metal assault with lyrics dealing with death-worship, genocide, terror, sadomasochism and the like. Fairly traditional Witchmaster approach.

This album features probably the strongest Witchmaster line up yet, featuring members or ex-members of Behemoth, Incantation, Vader, Profanum… The album was recorded in summer 2013 in Progresja studio, Warsaw, and mixed my Malta (Behemoth, Decapitated).

Line up:
Bastis – vocal
Reyash – vocal / bass
Kali – guitar / vocal
Inferno – drums / guitar

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Antichristus ex utero 3:05
2 - Fire starts from the mouth 2:45
3 - Black leather 3:06
4 - Attack and release 2:50
5 - Master of confusion 3:15
6 - Caricature of humanity 3:21
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