The new victorian

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WINTERGARDEN - The new victorian
  • CD - 9,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:232970
  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Modern Metal/Rock, Rock/Pop
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WINTERGARDEN plays a pop-rocky form of Alternative Metal that brings the mind to LACUNA COIL, SEVENDUST and maybe even HALESTORM, gladly sacrificing traditional advanced musicianship aspects like complex instrumental segments or unusual song structures for ridiculously catchy choruses and melodies. Needless to say, if you’re looking for something that’ll probe your inner musician, this probably isn’t it, even if there are times when I could taste a hint of Progressive Metal/Rock influences. But if you, on the other hand, can cast aside the idea that music has to be complex to be good and can instead just be entertaining, then oh you’ve come to the right place.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Breathe 4:25
2 - Take it 3:51
3 - Cinderella 3:50
4 - Iconoclast 4:34
5 - The release 5:30
6 - Can you wait 5:09
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