Swine parade

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VISIONS OF WAR - Swine parade
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Belgium's DOOM crust / d-beat institution VISIONS OF WAR with their last two albums repressed on one CD. The first full length "Shit Parade" contains 9 Tracks of raw and full throttle dual vocal crust core just like its 87 again. The material was recorded in 2008 and 2009 and came out in 2011 in a limited vinyl edition only. Their second full length, 11 brand new bullets and a mighty G.B.H cover that will insanely load your guns. This new shit can be easily compared to early Driller Killer, the best Doom and E.N.T., fuelled by a dose of Hellhammer. Excellent artwork again by master Stiv Of War. Limited to 1000 copies!

Mehr Info:

Split LP w/ Olho De Gato
Split LP w/ Mass Genocide Process
Split LP w/ Cop On Fire
LP 'Shit Parade'

split cd with MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS + bonus split with OKOTTA 7" + unreleased track
split cd with COP ON FIRE + bonus split with OLHO DE GATO
cd "Swine parade" Shitparade lp + King of swines lp

Compilation ep with Boycot , Point Of Few , PCP
Split 7" w/ Okotta

various compilation tapes

(Quelle/Origin: VISIONS OF WAR Facebook)

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Bury The Confusion
2 - Time To Pierce
3 - Wave Of Hate
4 - Dra At Helvete
5 - Warvictims
6 - Collapse Into The Grave
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