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THE OCEAN - Aeolian
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Finally, a domestic release by one of the underground's leading doom, ambient, noise, heavy as hell bands. The Ocean bring together the sounds of Isis/Old Man Gloom but have added a technical edge to the picture. Featuring guest vocal appearances by Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom), Sean Ingram (Coalesce), and Tomas Hallbom (Breach), this is sure to please doom fans.

Mehr Info:

THE OCEAN is a phenomenal, very unique band that features influences from various styles of hard and also more mellow music. They are famous for their hardcore eruptions as well as their flowing soundscapes that are somewhat reminiscent of American pioneers Neurosis. But in the end they are simply THE OCEAN, a band that is well known in the German underground, not only for their albums, but also for their excessive live shows.

“It´s great to have THE OCEAN on the label”, comments Andreas R. of Metal Blade Europe. “This band is so talented – they transport a wide array of emotions through their incredible music. You can´t be more honest as an artist than THE OCEAN are.”

Comments THE OCEAN guitarist Robin Staps: "After talking to various labels over the course of the past months, we're happy to finally join forces with one of the most important labels for heavy music out there. Out of all the parties we've been talking to, Metal Blade seemed to be the most reasonable about what they can do for us and how they will go about doing it."

After more than a year in the making, their upcoming record "Aeolian", a sequel to 2004's highly acclaimed "Fluxion", is in its final stages of production.

“All the instrumental and vocal tracks have been layed down and we are almost finished with the mix. We have taken a multiple-singer approach this time, with the aim of finding the perfect voice for every part. The result is a number of guest appearances, including Tomas Hallbom of BREACH, Nate Newton of CONVERGE / OLD MAN GLOOM and Sean Ingram of COALESCE. Altogether there are 6 singers featured on the album, covering the widest possible range of aggressive vocals, from deep howls to high-pitched shrieking, with our mainman Meta at the low end and laptopist Nico at the high end of the vocal spectrum."

“Aeolian” is the heavier twin of the 2004 release “Fluxion”. Both albums were recorded in one long session, which lasted from January 2004 until July 2005, in the band’s own Oceanland studio. The album was mastered by Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA) at the Tonteknik studio in Umea, Sweden.

While “Fluxion” mixed the orchestral and atmospheric side of its predecessor “Fogdiver” with harsh vocals and complex metal passages, “Aeolian” develops all this fusion even further: the orchestral parts have been relegated to the background, the songs are heavier and more complex, and the arrangements are totally uncompromising.

However, this is not necessarily the direction in which the band is headed, but a result of the choice of songs on offer – THE OCEAN won’t move away from their epic orchestrations. In fact, on “Aeolian” the band wanted to experiment how a reduction to the classic line-up of guitar/bass/drums/vocals would work in the context of THE OCEAN. What came out is a dense, brutal album without unnecessary decorations, aiming straight for the throat.

Despite its heaviness, “Aeolian” is more accessible than the previous album, which might be due to the fact that the unavoidable monotony of “hard” vocals has been broken up by using a number of different voices. There are 6 singers on the album altogether, covering the entire spectrum of aggressive vocals. Guest vocalists include Tomas Hallbom of BREACH, Nate Newton of CONVERGE / OLD MAN GLOOM and the former COALESCE frontman Sean Ingram.

Tomas Hallbom, who guests on 5 tracks, also appeared on stage with the band at selected shows last April, during which a few BREACH songs were covered. BREACH is one of THE OCEAN’s main influences.

Sean Ingram recorded the song “Queen Of The Food-Chain”, having the following to say about his participation: "If my rough takes at home are any indication, this will be my favourite guest appearance yet".

The Label:
In early 2000, guitarist/songwriter Robin Staps moved to Berlin to look for like-minded people who would share his vision of a larger collective of musicians playing together to create a carefully composed sound that was to be orchestral and heavy at the same time. Now, five years later, The Ocean collective’s oftentimes deeply convoluted compositions sweep across dismal landscapes shaped by faceless modern architecture and symbols of power looming large on all horizons, tearing up the asphalt of our cities’ streets with berserk drum-attacks, at times pausing for a minatorial instant, granting the battered listener a short moment to breathe in the foul odor of panic, before winding up again, with deafening noise and sparks flying all across the stage, into the black city night’s skies... Rich with dire lust for life and oozing with complaisant brutality, they come across as epic and sinfonically, yet hardly long-winded. Slow, calm and doomy passages with classical instruments and clear references to soundtrack music culminate in guitar-dominated outbursts of orchestral noise and modern, technical metal/hardcore.

THE OCEAN on tour:

27.01.06 (DE) Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
28.01.06 (DE) Solingen - Cobra
04.02.06 (DE) Berlin - Knaack
24.03.06 (DE) Schwerin - Doktor K
25.03.06 (DE) Nürnberg - Kunstverein
27.03.06 (DE) München - Sunny Red
28.03.06 (AT) Wien - Movimento
12.04.06 (BE) Leuven - Sojo
16.04.06 (DE) Bochum - Bastion
27.04.06 (DE) Karlsruhe - Substage
28.04.06 (DE) Grosrosseln - Rock im Warndt Open Air
29.04.06 (DE) Würzbug - B-Hof

Aus der Presse:

Noisecore 73:46 Min.

Zermarternde, aggressive Noten bestimmen das neue Album von THE OCEAN.

Seit der Debüt-Veröffentlichung »Fogdiver« (2003) gab es viele Änderungen bei THE OCEAN. Nicht nur fügte die Band ihren Kompositionen auf »FluXion« (2004) Gesangsspuren hinzu, sondern auch der einst Prog-inspirierte Hardcore wurde um einige Nuancen aufgefrischt. »Aeolian« zeigt die Berliner härter als zuvor, womit die Vorwürfe, eine Sparversion von ISIS oder NEUROSIS abzugeben, zu den Akten gelegt werden können. Immer noch gibt es einige Songs über der Fünf-Minuten-Grenze zu entdecken (Anspieltipp ist das perkussionslastige 'Queen Of The Food-Chain'), doch kommen THE OCEAN nun im Großen und Ganzen deutlich schneller zum Punkt. Ausufernde, PINK FLOYD-huldigende Instrumentalpassagen wurden komprimiert und mit überraschend aggressiver Grundnote versehen. Die Gitarrenläufe eines 'One With The Ocean' lassen an THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, MISERY INDEX oder COALESCE denken, deren Sänger Sean Ingram einige Gesangslinien beisteuerte. In der Aufnahmekabine war er nicht allein, denn auch Nate Newton (CONVERGE) sowie Tomas Hallbom von den unterbewerteten BREACH gaben sich ein Stelldichein. Hauptsänger Meta, der tonal sehr nah bei GOREFEST-Frontmann Jan-Chris De Koijer anzusiedeln ist, reichert die anspruchsvollen Methoden mit tiefen Stimmlagen an, lässt den Grundklang nochmals rauer und brachialer werden. Anspruch trifft auf geballte Kraft und Malträtierung, die sowohl aggressiv, depressiv, expressionistisch und leidenschaftlich zugleich klingt.

Dominik Winter

Tracklist Dauer
1 - The City In The Sea
2 - Dead Serious & High Professional
3 - Austerity
4 - Killing The Flies
5 - Une Saison En Enfer
6 - Necrobabes. com
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