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THE MEGS - Awakening
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  • Genre:Hardrock
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THE MEGS play "High Engery Rock". Maybe the best way to discribe the music of these italian guys. The catchy memorable Songs are the trademark for this fantastic band! Powerful Hard Rock with class and creativity! For luck the band does not sound like many others. If you really want to compare them, maybe D.A.D. at their best times is working especially because of the catchiness regarding nearly every song of them. "What I would like" or "Blackout" are two examples how you can treat your brain the best way!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - What I would like 3:39
2 - Follow the Zaffit 3:56
3 - Rain of sand 3:11
4 - Blackout 2:39
5 - My time 3:15
6 - Take me to Heaven 3:44
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