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THE CHANT - New haven
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Instead of getting comfortable with the last album´s sound, The Chant chose to challenge themselves and their listeners once again. As one of Finland´s most profound bands, they have again boldly ventured out into new territories, and this is what they have found – a ‘New Haven’. The big news is: The gloom is back. Compared to ‘A Healing Place’, the atmosphere on this record is much darker and truly hypnotic – and more dramatic than ever. This time, the Finns achieved to capture the kind of mesmerizing melancholy that has made Katatonia the figurehead of an entire genre. It´s almost as if an unspoken threat follows the listener throughout the entire musical and lyrical journey that The Chant are undertaking here – be it the audio-visual labyrinth of ‘Minotaur’, the Nine Inch Nails-flavored, noisy ‘Cloud Symmetry’ or the solemn closing track ‘Come to pass’. So make no mistake – ‘New Haven’ is not a place of sheer convenience, but one of constant motion and challenge. In the 15th year of their existence as a band, The Chant blend excessive cinematic instrumental parts with occasional catchy melodies and take their dreamy, refined Soundscapes to a whole new level.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Earthen 3:24
2 - Minotaur 6:22
3 - Playwright 7:55
4 - Falling kind 5:59
5 - Drifter 6:23
6 - Cloud symmetry 5:22
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