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SWORN ENEMY - Total world domination
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Crossover-Thrash/Hardcore aus Queens (NY) feat. Jordan Mancino (AS I LAY DYING).

Mehr Info:

SWORN ENEMY are one of those few bands that can never be derailed, no matter how many obstacles and hardships are thrown at them. They now return with their most uncompromising and vicious offering yet, “Total World Domination”, which perfectly blends the band’s old-school, beat you down hardcore style with a thrash metal infusion resulting in material that will tear your face off.

The band spent the majority of 2008 touring the world with such acclaimed acts as HATEBREED, EARTH CRISIS, DIVINE HERESY and Terror among countless others in support of their last effort, “Maniacal”, which was widely renowned as the group’s best and heaviest offering yet.

Lorenzo Antonucci (guitars, vocals) further comments: “I'm very excited about this album and its writing process was better then ever. I've been a part of all the writing for every record and I feel this is our best foundation yet. We took it back to “As Real As It Gets” with a little of “BOTE” and “Maniacal” in it. The sound is way faster and more pissed off than ever, harder than ever and a lot more ignorant. It was also fun working with Tim again. This also marks our first recording with Sid (bass) and JRad (drums), so we are all very excited about that. We couldn’t be more proud of this effort and prepare to have your faces melted!”

Formed in Queens, NY in 1997, it didn’t take long for the music world to take notice of SWORN ENEMY’s crushing sound and delivery. While the hardcore underground boiled with excitement over the band, SWORN ENEMY recorded their debut EP, “Negative Outlook”, for Stillborn Records, the label of Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED), in 2001. With overwhelming positive reactions from fans and critics alike, the EP pushed the band to the frontlines of proud New York hardcore/metal acts. The group quickly embraced an undying touring schedule with acts such as GOD FORBID, HATEBREED, UNEARTH, D.R.I., AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and many more. Their debut full-length, “As Real As It Gets” (Elektra Records) was a lesson in brutal metal/hardcore crossover and earned SWORN ENEMY a coveted spot on Ozzfest that ultimately exposed them to an entirely new open-minded audience and proved to be their biggest break yet. Major high profile tours alongside SLIPKNOT and FEAR FACTORY soon followed. The sophomore album “The Beginning Of The End” saw SWORN ENEMY expand their metal elements and marked the first collaboration with Tim Lambesis (frontman for AS I LAY DYING). 2007’s “Maniacal” marked an even more violent sonic barrage fueled by massive doses of classic thrash metal.

Now, SWORN ENEMY has returned with a scathing new assault that is unquestionably their most impressive and destructive release yet. This opus takes the group’s sound to new heights, which sees them embracing a thrashier edge and pummeling the listener with unrivaled aggression at times reminiscent of thrash titans like EXODUS and TESTAMENT, as well as early MEGADETH and ANTHRAX. “Total World Domination” was co-produced once again by AS I LAY DYING vocalist Tim Lambesis and the renowned Daniel Castleman (DESTROY THE RUNNER, WINDS OF PLAGUE).

These maniacs recently wrapped up a very successful European trek and will embark on a massive North American headlining tour, Trendkilla 09, this spring. The run, which kicked off on May 1st also features For The Fallen Dreams, ABACABB, Suffokate and Thick As Blood in the supporting slots. With “Total World Domination” SWORN ENEMY make clear that they are an unstoppable beast ready to crush any doubters in their way - prepare to be annihilated!

Aus dem Nuclear Blast-Magazin:

35:34 Min.
Hardcore vs. Thrash
Gegründet 1997 in New York, haben sich SWORN ENEMY mit ihrem old-schooligem Hardcore-Metal schnell einen Namen über die lokale Szene hinaus gemacht. Ihr Debüt »As Real As It Gets«, welches in den Staaten über Elektra bzw. auch via Stillborn, also unter den Argusaugen von Labelmacher und HATEBREED-Fronter Jamey Jasta, herauskam, ließ die Kombo ziemlich schnell in der Liga der Großen mitspielen. U.a. supporteten sie SLIPKNOT und FEAR FACTORY und ergatterten einen Slot auf dem so viel gerühmten Ozzfest. Der Nachfolger »The Beginning Of The End« markierte die Sternstunde der Amerikaner und bot „Metalcore“ vom Allerfeinsten, während das darauffolgende »Maniacal« eher durch geklaute Thrash-Einschübe der alten BayArea Helden „glänzte“. »Total World Domination«, die neue Scheibe, co-produziert von AS I LAY DYING Tausendsassa Tim Lambesis, ist eher wieder eine Rückbesinnung auf die Anfangstage denn eine Fortsetzung des mageren 2007er Outputs. Titel wie 'Sell My Soul', 'Ready To Fight' oder 'Step In The Ring' machen deutlich, dass mit SWORN ENEMY wieder gerechnet werden kann. Starkes „Comeback“ einer Band, die gerade noch einmal die Kurve gekriegt hat.
Florian Fink

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Sell my soul 3:24
2 - Aftermath 4:01
3 - Run For Shelter 3:36
4 - Still Hating 2:53
5 - On The Outside 3:07
6 - Lies 2:48
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