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PRAWN - Kingfisher
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The record is one that skirts around many sounds. You get a sense of the full range of the band and it's sure to surprise even their most loyal backers. The tight musicianship around Kingfisher assembles like a puzzle. The composition swings from melodic lulls and introspective themes to mid-tempo jangly hooks to ramped-up mathy sections -- all contributing to a strong sense of indie/post-rock diversity. Dynamic's the word I'm looking for. "Scud Running" opens with subtle horns (paying homage to the founding fathers of the genre in the '90s) while wailing around vocally like a juiced-up Arcade Fire.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Scud running 4:38
2 - First as tragedy, second as farce 3:06
3 - Prolonged exposure 4:56
4 - Dialectic of... 3:38
5 - Old souls 4:44
6 - Glass, irony 3:38
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