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The spirit of Ukko

KIUAS - The spirit of Ukko
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Death Metal

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Finnischer, melodisch-progressiver Death!


Kiuas is one the Finnish bands bearing utilitarian names. And in comparison of those bands named after different armaments Kiuas is etymologically closest to the spirit of their fatherland. After all a stove (=Kiuas) is located in a sauna. And what is a better example of epitomizing Finnish culture than a sauna?

Formed in the year 2000, these hybrid metallers mix clean vocals with death metal, sprinkled with an amount of heroic power on top.
Kiuas’s self-financed pre-Spinefarm releases Born Under the Northern Lights and Winter in June (you haven’t seen our summers, have you?) got rave reviews upon their release, and with those releases’ success the band was briefly signed onto the now defunct Rage of Achilles.
After only a short stint of working together, the label had to eventually let their bands go due to financial problems, and Kiuas was cast out among others. The salvation came in the form of Spinefarm Records, which is known to pick bands before they’re ripe, but yet oozing with potential.

Now the saga continues with a debut album – The Spirit of Ukko. For you unawares, Ukko is an old, and almost sadly forgotten god of the Finnish folk. The mightiest one, I might add. Right up there with Zeus himself, and comparable to Odin, Wotan and the other hot shots.

The late springtime of 2005 sees the release of this melodic, aggressive and graceful album that, not naming any influences, bears a streak of tantalizing resemblances to the good old metal bands. It’s hard to put a tag on them, but you can hear they’re there. An eight song pummelling of solid Finnish metal is what you’ll be getting when you get home from the record store.

So, enjoy this breath of fresh air – or take it hot and sweaty if you like – and turn up the heat. I mean volume!

Ilja Jalkanen - vocals
Markku Näreneva - drums
Atte Tanskanen - keyboards
Mikko "Ilmarinen" Salovaara - guitars
Teemu Tuominen - bass

Trackliste Dauer
1 - The Spirit Of Okko 5:52
2 - On Winds Of Death We Ride 4:20
3 - No More Sleep For Me 4:06
4 - Warrior Soul 5:48
5 - Until We Reach The Shore 4:27
6 - Across The Snows 5:59
7 - Thorns Of A Black Rose 4:46
8 - And The North Star Cried 6:59