The road of bones

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IQ - The road of bones
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  • Genre:Progressive Rock/Metal
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The tenth studio album by British progressive rock mainstay IQ shows them at their best, and with a definite edge. Is it possible that a band, like a good wine, can continue to improve with age? Can you possibly top legendary albums such as "The Wake", "Subterranea" or "Frequency"? After just one listen to IQ´s tenth studio album the answer is a resounding Yes! Without doubt "The Road Of Bones" is a unique masterpiece, fitting perfectly into the band's impressive body of work whilst adding a new perspective. IQ's secret has always been to evolve their style while maintaining the essence of the band's own unique brand of progressive rock: strong guitars embedded in lush keyboard melodies, a pounding yet still jazz-influenced rhythm section and the distinctive vocals and unmistakable lyrics of frontman Peter Nicholls. On "The Road of Bones" you'll find all this and more.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - From the outside in 7:24
2 - The road of bones 8:32
3 - Without walls 19:15
4 - Ocean 5:55
5 - Until the end 12:00
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