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GURD - Fake
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  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Mehr von GURD

Das mittlerweile zehnte Studioalbum der Schweizer Metal-Veteranen GURD.

Mehr Info:

GURD was formed back in early 1994 out of the ashes of the Swiss power-thrash metal legend Poltergeist. Stylistically, GURD decided to take a step into a rather different direction, as they preferred a more modern and crunchy sound to metal.

Between 1995 and 1998, they released 4 critically well-acclaimed albums (gurD/1995, Addicted/1995, D-Fect/1996, Down The Drain/1998) and played several tours and shows with acts like Slayer, Venom, Prong, Annihilator, The Spudmonsters, Biohazard, Destruction, Schweisser, Life Of Agony, Stuck Mojo, Pro-Pain or Such A Surge. The Dynamo Open-Air appearance in 1996 was an early
highlight for GURD and secured them a new record deal with Century Media Records.

With their album Bedlam (2000), the band started to shift their musical focus more and more towards their Thrash-Metal influences.

After the 2003 Album Encounter they released a CD/DVD package called 10 Years Of Addiction to their 10th anniversary, filmed at their home-club Z-7. Two Albums and several tours later (Bang!/2006, Your Drug Of Choice/2008), they signed a deal with NoiseArt Records and released their latest album Never Fail in 2011, followed by a big european tour with Dark Tranquility and Eluveitie. In 2012 they appeared on the Metal Fest Festival Tour and had the opportunity to support Acts like Testament,Coroner, Soulfly and Prong.

2014 - The year of the 20th anniversary! The new neck breaking record 'Fake' is going to be released in Switzerland by LC-Records and a big anniversary show with exclusive appearances of ex-bandmembers on stage is planned for December 5th at the Z-7 in Pratteln. GET READY FOT THE PIT!!!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Fake 3:23
2 - Hagridden 5:12
3 - White death 4:39
4 - Wiped from the earth 4:58
5 - Go for it 3:41
6 - Last hooray 4:18
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