The everhaunting past: Chapter IV...

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FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - The everhaunting past: Chapter IV...
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Fragments Of Unbecoming was founded by guitarists Sascha Ehrich (MORTIFIED) and Stefan Weimar (VENEREAL DISEASE), the latter also taking up the position of the vocalist. A suitable drummer was soon found in Ingo Maier (VENEREAL DISEASE) and also bassist Wolfram Schellenberg (ex- DISEMBOWLED, ex-TOMBTHROAT) soon joined in.
In the spring of 2002 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING entered Stellwerk Studio to record their studio debut "BLOODRED TALES / CHAPTER I - THE CRIMSON SEASON", which was released in May 2002. The CD gained excellent reactions from the press, getting the band to appear on "Best of Unsigned" compilations by both the German magazines Rock Hard and Heavy, Oder Was?! Metal Blade Records got wind of the buzz FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING were creating, signing the band exactly 12 months after the release of the demo CD. The first full-length album was recorded in the fall of 2003, once again at Stellwerk Studio and was eintitled "SKYWARDS / CHAPTER II - A SYLPHE'S ASCENSION".
After that, the band wanted to ease the situation for Stefan as singer/guitarist, and started the search for a separate singer. The ideal vocalist was soon found in Sam Anetzberger, a member of the Death Metal band DEAD EYED SLEEPER (former known as LEGACY). With him "STERLING BLACK ICON / CHAPTER III ? BLACK BUT SHINING" the second album was recorded in September 2005 and finally released in 2006.
In 2008, FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING already had composed enough new material for recording their so far fourth album in the band´s history. Under the title ?THE EVERHAUNTING PAST / CHAPTER IV ? A SPLENDID RETROSPECTION? eleven new songs were recorded in the studio. After the mastering was done, Wolle decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and a lack of time for rehearsing. Because of Sam was deep into his examination, the remaining triple made good use in one´s time in searching for a new label partner and at the same time even composing for the fifth longplayer.
Finally in 2009, FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING hit the target and signed a new deal with their candidate of choice: CYCLONE EMPIRE.
After the band also finally found with Christopher Körtgen a new bass player, the time is right to shed some blood again!

Sam Anetzberger ? Vocals
Stefan Weimar ? Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitars
Sascha Ehrich ? Guitars
Wolfram Schellenberg ? Bass Guitars
Ingo Maier - Drums

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Ahead! (Prologue) 1:36
2 - Vast 5:49
3 - Run Ashore In The Yesteryears 4:50
4 - Destination: Outcast 4:49
5 - Deadlight 4:29
6 - A Raintime Illustration 2:48
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