Finger in the pie

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FIRKIN - Finger in the pie
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With their new album “Finger in the Pie” Firkin have now successfully transported the energy of their concerts on CD. The Folk is still unmistakably recognizable as an influence on the songs, with wich they also like to put a new unconventional spin on classics. At the same time, on the current longplayer they have increased the punk rock dose and the pace. You can also hear that in songs like “Could be the Pope” or “Molly Malone“. When it comes to arrangements and vocals, Firkin are not afraid to experiment and venture on inflected speech and influences from other genres.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Donegal Danny 2:28
2 - If I could be the pope 3:39
3 - Kind and fine 2:36
4 - Molly Malone 1:52
5 - Parasite's lust 4:04
6 - High and low 4:05
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