Blackout the sun

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EVERYTHING GOES COLD - Blackout the sun
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Industrial Metal
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Between the distant moons of Kronulos, one man fights against the tyranny of The Ant-Lords… But that man hasn’t been born yet. Now in their 8,000th decade, Everything Goes Cold chronicle a completely unrelated story about a wooden donkey and a guy in an ugly purple hat with “Black Out the Sun,” their first new full-length album in 5 years. At long last, EGC bring together the universally held basic human desire to weaponize kitchen appliances, and the immense worldwide popularity of industrial music. A sweeping 11-part epic replete with screaming and bleepy 8-bit video game sounds, “Black Out the Sun” makes a questionable foray into local politics and winds up getting tossed out of a city council meeting after repeatedly trying to take a bite out of the podium.

01. SI.R1s
02. The Joke
03. Crawl Of The Nameless Beast
04. The Iron First Of Just Destruction
05. Iamerror
06. Serpent Crown
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