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DEMOLITION HAMMER - Epidemic of violence REISSUE
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Die Neuauflage kommt inkl. 4 Live-Bonustracks!

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If you are looking for the heaviest, fastest, most violent thrash metal besides Slayer’s cult classic “Reign In Blood” pick up DEMOLITION HAMMER’s highly sought-after first two albums “Tortured Existence” (1990) and “Epidemic Of Violence” (1992) which are now available on Century Media Records incl. never before released live bonus tracks and new artwork! Rabid vocals, ripping riffs, furious high-paced beats, headbanging-friendly moshparts and brutality en masse – these are the trademarks of New York’s DEMOLITION HAMMER. After being out of print for many years, being sold for horrendous prices at Ebay, you can now grab the definitive versions of “Tortured Existence” and “Epidemic Of Violence” at a fan-friendly price! Thrash or be thrashed!!!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Skull fracturing nightmare 5:45
2 - Human dissection 5:07
3 - Pyroclastic annihilation 4:57
4 - Envenomed 3:16
5 - Carnivorous obsession 5:54
6 - Orgy of destruction 0:51
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